How to get long hair

Do your princess also want to long hair like Rapunzel ? Is the pollution of environment damaging your hair? You are not seeing any improvement in your hair. So, I am here to give you some tips:

These are the some tips;

1.) Rice Water

Rice water is very beneficial for hair growth. This tip is from Yao women of China’s. You can apply it very easily.


Take half a cup of rice (white, brown or any organic rice). Pour the rice in the jar. Wash it and cast the dirty water. Again, fill the jar with water. Cover it with the cap or silver foil. Leave it for 24 hours. Comb and detangle your hair. Gently massage on the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. After that wash the hair.

Use it 2, 3 months and after that you will get your long hair.

2.) Musturd Oil

As you know, Mustard oil is a very good thing for your hair and body also from the many years.


Take a bowl. Pour half bowl mustard oil in it. Keep bowl in low hit. Caste onion, mangrail and methi in it. And leave it in slow heat for 10 minutes. After the process. You have found your oil. Use it as normally, you use normal hair oil.

This tip will show their impact after some weeks. It is very easy in applying.

3.) Onion

Onion has high sulpher in it. So, it is very good for your hair growth. It will help you to keratin your hair.


Cut the four onion into small pieces. Take a pan. Get water into it. Cast the onion pieces. Boil it 10 to 15 minutes. After that you will found boiled onion water. Strain it into the other bowl. Get it in the hair after hair wash and leave it for 20 minutes. And after the 20 minutes wash it. Or if you don’t have a problem with its smell leave it for the whole day.

4.) Alovera Gel


Take an alovera. Peel it and cut it into small pieces. Get coconut oil. After it take a pan. Mix oil and alovera together. Cast cumin seeds (kala jeera) in it. Leave it for 10 minutes in low heat. Strain it in a new bowl. Use the oil as normally hair oil. In some weeks, you will get a result.

Normal tips:

  1. Comb your hair before sleep.
  2. Trim your hair regularly.
  3. Don’t wash your hair daily.
  4. Don’t do heat styling.
  5. Use soft pillow.
  6. Weekly get oil or hair masks for nourishment.
  7. Take healthy foods.

These are some tips to get long hair hastily.

Thanks for reading.

Stay healthy/ stay tuned.

Your writer/ Your blogger.

– Mansi Vishwakarma.


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