Roses Are Blood Red / Novoneel Chakraborty/ Thriller Novel

This is one of the best thriller novel of my list. I greatly enjoyed with the book. It is not the whole story of the novel. I am giving light to the small reference of the novel.

‘Vanav may have done things which were questionable but his intentions and love were beyond question.’

– Novoneel Chakraborty.

‘ I’ll gift you a love story that every girl desires, but few get to live.

– Novoneel Chakraborty.

Plot :

  1. Tosh , Himanchal Pradesh.
  2. New Delhi.
  3. Ajmer.

Characters :

These are the some important character of the novel ;

  1. Vanav Thakur – He is madly in love with Arisha.
  2. Mr. Pratap Thakur and Mrs. Thakur – Vanav’s Parents.
  3. Arisha Shergill – She is the most confusing part of the novel.
  4. Mr. Shergill and Mrs. Shergill – Arisha’s parents.
  5. Binny Bagga – Vanav thakur’s childhood friend.
  6. Anurag bagga – Binny’s husband.
  7. Sirat – Anurag and Binny’s daughter.
  8. Pragya – Arisha Shergill’s close friend.
  9. Soni – Another close friend of Arisha.
  10. Daksha – Secret of the novel.
  11. Samiha – Secret of the novel.
  12. Shubh – Secret of the novel.

Here is the story of Vanav who is madly in love with Arisha. And the best boyfriend ever. He calls her Ranisa.Vanav thought. ‘The more pain he felt, the more he could feel her within her.

‘One can choose to not visit a temple. But can one choose to stay away from God?

– Vanav said.

Hurt me as much as you want or you can, I won’t complain one bit. But never insult my love for you. I won’t able to take it because my love for you is my faith. And nobody should insult another’s faith.

– Vanav said.

These are the some beautiful quotations which give you a great heart anguish.

“Is love capable of healing the deep wounds which love itself creates within you? Mysteriously thrilling in its essence. Roses Are Blood Red is the haunting story of passion and eternal love.”

Did Novoneel Chakraborty leave us with the question marks?

  • Book Pages – 259
  • Publishing Year – Dec, 2019
  • Link for purchasing √

– Mansi Vishwakarma


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