Diet Plan for Navratri🧡

India is a country where people celebrate festivals every month. We are celebrated Navratri two times in a year. We are celebrated Navratri with the joy and happiness. Furthermore, we keep fast for nine days. These nine days festival show us nine colors of happiness, importance of nine goddesses and nine days fast for good health.We should take care of health also along with the celebrating festival. 

These are some foods to keep you fit in this Navratri; 

1. Fry potatoes : It is the most important food of Navratri. Every home make it for eating during fast.

2. Sabudaana dessert : It is a sweet dish for the fast.

3. Sabudaana and makhana : You can eat sabudaana (peanuts) and makhana as a breakfast.

4. Tea : It works like energy drink during fast.

5. Lauki (bottle gourd) Kheer : It is a lovely dish to eat during fast. It is also very simple to make.

6. Kuttu flour chilla : Along with the taste, it also gives you health benefits.

7. Kuttu flour poori : It tastes unlike food of fast.

8. Juice : It is very necessary to boost your energy during fast.

9. Lemon juice : It keeps you hydrated in the summer and help you to complete your fast.

10. Milk shake or milk : It will give you energy throughout the day.

11. Homemade sweets for fast : It is so delicious to eat and complete your purpose to keep fast.

12. Banana barfi : It will fulfill your wish to eat yummy.

13. Sabudaana khichwi : It plays an important role in your fast. No home spends their Navratri without fragrance of it.

(Note : Every item should make with the rock salt not normal salt. )

 9 Days: 9 Fruits 

You should spend everyday with the different fruits. Different tastes will give you different health benefits. 

1. Kiwi, 2. Grapes, 3. Banana, 4. Watermelon, 5. Strawberry, 6. Guava, 7. Papaya, 8. Pineapple, 9. Cucumber.

All these fruits have high vitamins. Goal a fruit for a day. Maintain your diet with the devotional experience.

So, In the conclusion, I have given you all the information about “What should eat during Navratri fast? “

 I think you all are satisfied with it.

– Thanks for reading.

– Happy Navratri.

– Mansi Vishwakarma.


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