Summary of Mulk Raj Anand’s Book “UNTOUCHABLE”.

‘Is it crime to be born in the lower caste?’ This is the question of Bakha and many other people who born in the small caste. It depresses me that people abide the partition between castes. Leaving of all these, we come to the topic.

These are some important characters;

  1. Bakha (Main character of the novel)
  2. Lakha (Father of Bakha)
  3. Rakha (Brother of Bakha)
  4. Sohini (Sister of Bakha)
  5. Havildar Charat Singh (A high caste sportsman)
  6. Pandit Kali Nath (Priest of a temple)
  7. Ram Charan (Friend of Bakha)


This is the story of a boy whose name is Bakha. Bakha belongs to the small caste. So, he has to suffer so much in his life. In the next paragraph, we will discuss his life’s challenges.

It starts when a morning Bakha was sleeping. His father Lakha came to him and chided him to got not to go to the work. Bakha had not a good relation with his father Lakha. Bakha woke up and went to the work. After the finishing work, he was very thirsty. So, he returned to his house. Ask for water from his sister. But, the water was not available in the house. So, his sister went to the well for taking water. There, she met Pandit Kali Nath who gave him water. He gave her water, with taking the promise of getting the temple cleaned.

The next day, Bakha was going to the work. Suddenly, he collided with the high caste man who bet him fiercely. That’s when he sees Pandit Kali Nath was blaming her sister to unpure him. Sohini came to his brother after seeing him. And tells her brother all the things which happens to her. Bakha tells her sister to go to the house. Worst of all, he had gone to the marriage of his friend’s sister. And tells his friends everything. To hear about it. His friends planned to avenge the priest. But he refused them.

One day, Mahatma Gandhi came to his village for delivering a speech. He also joined the crown for hearing speech. In his speech, Mahatma Gandhi is talking about caste system. That’s when he hears some people talking that the English are bringing the flush toilet. And now, lower caste people will not have to clean the toilet. Happily, he comes home and tells this to his family.


So, this is the summary of the novel ‘Untouchable’. Mulk Raj Anand discusses the problems of lower caste citizens through the story. It is a very heart-touching story. I bet you that it will also touch your heart.

Thanks for reading.

– Mansi Vishwakarma


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