Myths About Beauty with_Mansi_s_official_ !!!

I am here with several types of beauty hacks which you know or, maybe, you don’t know. I am confident that all the points which I mentioned you won’t know. Read it, it can give you various new information about beauty hacks. This blog helps you to know about how to steam, how to apply hair oil, use skincare or makeup, which water is good hot or cold, know about oily skin, normal skin, foot care, face and a lot of things like that.

We all have many queries about beauty hacks what we apply regularly. How can we deal with it and solve our queries? You are welcome to solve your problems to ready my blogs.

  1. Don’t touch your face with hand?
  2. Change your bed sheets and pillow covers daily?
  3. Use what suits your skin?
  4. Oily skin don’t need moisturizer?
  5. Steam is only for winters?
  6. Skincare or make-up?
  7. Use face wash or body washer instead of soap?
  8. Which water is best for bathing hot or cold?
  9. Change your towel daily?
  10. Using sunscreen?
  11. Don’t forget your feet?
  12. The more you apply hair oil, the more you get benefit?
  13. Mixture of Hairoils?
  14. Egg white or egg yolk?

These 14 tips, you should apply on your daily routine. It would get you harder benefits and save you from many skincare harms. Read all the key points with take time off.

These tips which mentioned in the below section will help you to get know about myths related to beauty what we face in our daily life line by line.

Face // Body & Face // Body // Hair


1. Don’t touch your face with hand.? :-

Most of the beautician and skin specialist says don’t apply products on face directly by hands. Since, it will be harmful for your face. Facial skin is the most crucial and thin part of our body except lips. We do our work by hands. And touch anything with it. So, our hands are lots of germs which can badly affects your skin. If you are used to touching your skin by your hand constantly, then, leave it. It can cause of skin inflammation, skin allergy, rashes etc. It is highly harmful for your face. When you apply cream, foundation or serum by your hands it impacts your face. Hands have myriad germs that can decrease your beauty. So, wash your hands before touching face. Or, despite hands, you can touch your face by cotton, brush, or anything which is clean. And apply the products with the help of it as well.

2. Change your bedsheet and pillow covers daily.? :-

Your bedsheets and pillows are the partners of your night. You spend 7-8 hours on it daily. You apply the serum at night thinking that it will super beneficial for you. But, maybe, you don’t know you apply dirt as well. In the night, when you sleep, you don’t know on which position you are sleeping. And same bedsheets and pillows covers have dirt, germs, and a lot of things. Serum, night cream or anything you applied a night before also here. Since, you should change your sheets and pillows regularly.

3. Use what suits your skin.? :-

Sometimes, big brand, good products or awesome skincare tips don’t suit you. It’s not because these tips are fake. It’s because that product, that thing or that brand don’t suit you. How would you know that it suits you or not? You can know that easily. Assume, you are using that thing or products from several months. But, it’s affecting reversely or it doesn’t show any glow on your face or any changes. If you feel like that with any product or, skincare, then, leave it for forever. It can make your skin worse. Everyone has different skin. And everything won’t make for your skin. One thing which shows good result to your friend’s skin that can bad for your skin. Search that
product which suits you.

4. Oily skins don’t need moisturizer.? :-

Every skin needs moisturizer whether it is oily or dry. People, normally, think that oily skins don’t need any moisturizer, but it is radically wrong. As you apply a moisturizer on dry skin after bathing. same as, you should apply moisturizer on oily skin. Oily skins also require hydration.

5. Steam is only for winters.? :-

Don’t you think that steaming is not for summers? I think, this question will, of course, stuck in your head. Steam provides you many benefits in winters, but it is also good for you in summers. It emerges blemishes, acne, dullness, and dirt. Steam your face in all weathers. You should steam your 5-10 minutes. You can steam with different type of things. Steam is good for all type of face. But, you should pay attention to not steam your face every day. It can be harmful for you.

6.? Skincare or makeup :-

Nowadays, people don’t have time to do skincare. People use makeup to hide blemishes, acne and many skin problems. My question is that what do you prefer to do? Makeup is easy, fast-forwarding, give result in minutes, and give you glow immediatly. But, is this permanent or good for your skin? In my opinion, No. Skincare are time taking but give genuine result to your skin. They are not give instant result but, gradually, make your skin flawless. Makeups give result rapidly but can’t make permanency. So, choose skincare above makeup.

Body || Face

7.? Use face wash or body washer instead of daily soap :-

Usually, everyone uses soap from years. In India, this ratio is more than other countries. However, soap is not as good as being before. In these days, it makes our skin rough and dry. Very few soaps are good for using. Self-made soaps and good brand are more reliable. Skip using non-branded soaps. Make your own body washer or body scrub by using natural products. It would more affordable and profitable

8. Which water is best for bathing cold or hot.? :-

Both type of waters have several types of benefits. So, which type of water should good for our skin? Hot water is helpful for you in lot of ways. E.g, it can give relief in headache. It opens your pores. It emerges dirt out from your skin and provides moisturizer to your skin. But, daily bathing with hot water can dry your skin. It kills germs from your body. Daily bathing with hot water can become your addiction. And you will bath with hot waters during summers also. Now, come to the benefits of cold water. It increases your blood circulation and decreases itchy skin.
It can glow your skin and hair. It can help you to lose your fat. Moreover, cold water is not good for heart patient. Both have some advantages and disadvantages, you can choose which water is the best for you. But, keep an eye on that too much hot or cold water, both types of waters are not good for you.

9. Change your towel daily.? :-

Just as, we should change our bed sheets and pillows. We should also change our towel. When we wash our feet, we wipe off with towels. If we use same towel without washing it then, it becomes a house of dirt. If it is impossible for daily basis, then change it in every second day. Don’t use same towels for hair and face. Because, both are different things. So, their necessity are different also.

10. Using sunscreen.? :-

Sunscreens are only for summer. It is the biggest myth, we all know. Our skin are tanned by sun in every season. It’s not depend on summer on winter. When our skin faces sun, it will automatically get tan. So, we should always wear sunscreen. And avoid our skin from the damage by sun. It only depends on weather that we should wear sunscreen or not. If it is sunny day then it is summer or winter. We should wear it. Do you wear sunscreen in all sunny day? If your answer is not then start wearing it. It will protect you from tanning.


11. Don’t forget your feet.? :-

Most of the times, when we take a bath, we forget about our feet. We should think about whole body, not only just about face. Not only the beautiful but also beautiful body is necessary. Not just, one day or two days, almost we have been done it from years. Cause of it, our feet doesn’t match with our facial complexion. We must take care of face as well as body. So, next time, when you bath, you have to apply body washer in your feet also.


12. The more you apply oil in your hair, the more you get profit.? :-

This is just a myth that how much time you apply oil in your hair, it will give profit that much. Oil hydrates your hair scalp. It has lots of nutrients to give you profit. But, enough of that, can also harm your hair. Applying hair for more than one day can cause of hair fall because it can attract pollution and dirt. Try to apply hair oil for only one or two hours. As well as, don’t comb and tie your hair just after oiling. It makes your hair fragile just because your hair can break easily. Remember one thing, always apply hair oil after doing it bit warmer.

13. Mixture of Hairoils.? :-

Some people thinks that the daily changes in oils can whiten hair or cause of hairfall and a lot of things like this. But, this is definitely wrong. Many hair oils have many qualities. It would give you benefit of several kinds of vitamins. And no only this, many people who know about this, uses to apply mixture of many oils like jojoba oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc. All these oils are full of many sorts of qualities which can give you many types of vitamins. And if you change your oil every week or every month, it will also beneficial for you. So, next time, apply all types of vitamins to get many vitamins.

14. Egg white or egg yolk.? :-

You listened that egg white is good for skin and egg yolk is good for hair. It is right but not completely. Whole egg is worthy for your hair and face also. It can be both a good hairmask and a good face mask. Egg yolk can be a super natural moisturizer because of biotin. It can moisturize your hair scalp and becomes your hair thicker and stronger. It avoids hair-fall. As you know in upper sentences, it is apt source of moisturizer. So, it is highly helpful for whom has dry skin and it can also cure acne. But not good for all kinds of skin. Now, when it comes to egg white, then eggwhite is highly recommended for anti-aging mask. It tightens skin and cover up the shine of wrinkles. So, it is good for face as well as hair. Moreover, eggwhite is better for oily scalp as egg yolk is good for dry skin. Finally, we come to answer of the query. At last, solution is that both are good for hair and face both but in their manner.

Are you also in trouble like me for these kinds of things? Maybe, today, you will be solved all these things. This can make your lifestyle easy and elegance.

I hope, you all have completely read this blog. This blog will be helpful for you. You will get full with dozens of informations.

Thanks for reading.


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