Dear Reader,

Do you have any idea about white pasta? White sauce pasta is a healthy dish + tasty dish. It is an Italian dish, which is loved by Indians a lot. It has yummy gravy which will fill your mouth with water. This is a mixture of many vegetables just because or is healthy to eat. If you never eat it in your life till, then try it once, of course.

Items :-

Pasta #black pepper #sweetcorn #white flour #Milk #Red chilly powder #capsicum #Butter #onion #garlic #carrot #cheese

Recipe :-

Step 1

Boil the pasta.

Step 2

Take a pan. Two spoons of oil cast in pan.

Step 3

Put a little garlic in it. Then onion +capsicum+carrot (chopped) +sweetcorn.

Step 4

Add salt (according to your taste), red chilly powder and black pepper. Fry it in low flame.

Step 5

Now take another pan. Put butter and add some white flour.
Then add milk in it. Mix it slowly.

Step 6

Now cast black pepper, salt and red chilly powder nicely (in accordance with your taste).
Add veggies and boiled pasta, then mix it well.

Here is ready your yummy and crispy pasta.

White Sauce Pasta 🍽

Make it once, of course. Taste tasty pasta with nutrients. It makes you less unhealthy and change your mouth’s taste.

Thanks for reading.


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