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||• Sexist Social Norms •||

Break the sexist social norms

Sexist Social Norms

The unshackled women are considered the fortunate ones plus the abled manifestation of empowered women. Nevertheless, the life of fortunate ones becomes sophisticated meanwhile serving two jobs. They have to balance household chores and their jobs, simultaneously. They have been unfettered by society for their breakthrough or be dependent. Notwithstanding the freedom of being empowered, they are uncaged with an unseen chain on them. While serving toward their career, they have to do household work unaided. This gradually broadens stress level or push them to be choleric. Similarly to this, Subarna Ghosh, the co-founder of an NGO called ReRight, had become irresistible during the lockdown owing to the unfair burden of unending household works along with the burden of jobs. In protest, she had commenced an online petition urging to share household works by Indian husbands. She coaxed her petition before PM Narendra Modi to appeal to Indian men to aid her wives in inside chores. Her petition was signed by 79000+ signatures. She bolstered the urge of millions of Indian women. This petition of Subarna Ghosh is a substantial impulse to break the prejudiced social norms which is revealing an essence of a patriarchal society in the modern world. Furthermore, she stopped doing household for manifesting her protest inside her home.

“The sink was overflowing with unwashed dishes and the pile of laundry grew bigger and bigger,” she told it in an interview on BBC.

To mull over her exasperation, her children did the household chores.

As far as I am concerned considering this topic, I felt the despair of employed women toward the biased behavior of society concerning household chores which is equally a duty of a man alike a woman. As; populace has modernized about the equal division of accumulating a livelihood. Whereas they have to display equality in household work as well. Society should break this sexist social norms to uncage rights of women.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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