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||• Ismad-ud-Doula •||• The “Incredible India” Series •||


In the series of ‘Incredible India’, we are gonna exemplify the mesmerizing beauty of the Ismad-ud-doula mausoleum which was constructed under the guidance of empress Nur Jahan (the wife of Jahangir) between 1922 to 1928. It is considered the draft of the Taj Mahal or sometimes, be called the baby Taj. She embraced the impulse of building Itmad-ud-doula from Gol Mandal Temple. It is located near Motibagh in Agra city in Uttar Pradesh. She built the grave in memory of his father Mirza Ghiyaz Beg. As; we considered the Taj Mahal, a symbol of unmatchable love. This could also be called the devotion of a daughter to his father.

This is hailed as a ‘Jewel box’ since its design is parallel to a jewelry box. The pure white and elaborately carved tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah conforms to the Islamic style of architecture. The use of arched entrances, octagonal-shaped towers or minarets, use of mesmerizingly carved floral patterns, intricate marble-screen work, and inlay work are all manifestations of the Islamic style. The absence of a dome and the presence of a closed kiosk on top of this building and the use of chhatris atop the four towers instead of proper domes are reflective of the influence of the Golmandal temple or the innumerable designs.

The marvelous precursor of the alluring monument ‘The Taj’ has massive idiosyncrasy from the bygone craftsmanship of the Mughals. Before this, Mughal architecture is assembled with red sandstone which is exceedingly rhapsodic however, the monotonous work of pietra dura is beyond it. The craftsmanship of pietra dura is time taking even though alleviates the soul. Ultimately, it is the utter piece of enchanting beauty or archaic glory of India.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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