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||•Appearance: The True Color of Society•|| The ‘Normal Talk’ •||

The incessant series of ‘Normal Talk’ has brought up the topic of ‘Appearance: The True Color of Societywhere we talk about how we are criticized for our outer appearances.

-“Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder”

is a fascinating quoted line to impress anyone. However, how much has this been pertinent to the actual world? Since the beholders hold the too judgmental mind. Body positivity is a fundamental topic that has been disseminated on entire social media nonetheless, breaks the actual interpretation of the populace’s typical social norms that had made unreal beauty standards or being judgemental toward the appearance of the multitude. The impulse of body positivity targets our minds however not able to do it thoroughly. When we met someone for the first time then their outer appearance is the significance that we judge. It is ordinary. However, our judgemental dogma is suitable with the limits. Appearance matters until it became toxic or healthy. Sometimes, our judgment tore the fullness of the individual and we traverse our boundaries. Concerning appearance, people judge their height, weight, physique, size, complexion, and so on. We judge a thing that can’t be changed.

Whether middle-class or elite-class, everyone has to confront it. Nevertheless, the toxicity of the populace surge if you’re a prominent personality like an actor and all. As a recent case exemplifies this data, Anant Ambani, the son of a multi-billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani, has been trolled for his obesity. Netizens have failed to disclose the fact that he is immensely asthmatic and that is the ground behind his obese physique. On his special occasion, he was trolled for what is not his fault. Correspondingly, Samantha also experienced this exasperating situation where netizens trolled her for evaporated charisma off the back of having a myositis.

Likewise, the multitude of India confronts these sorts of turbulent conditions while some moments in their lives. They have to hear awkward questions regarding their appearance. ‘You are too skinny or too obese are the lines which would be enough to make you go ballistic. Notwithstanding, people know that weight loss and weight gain are things that fluctuate with time and age. Regardless, people comment on these things. In India, teenagers or adults are too afraid to attend family functions owing to being lambasted for their ‘not perfect appearance’. Acne, scars, dark circles, or wrinkles are ordinary skin nuisances that already agitated the individual but constantly remarking it surges the concern more. As far as I concern, people should normalize these issues whether for a common man or distinguished celebrities.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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