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The “Normal Talk” presents the typical annoyances of the populace that they experience, but do not share. This time, the ‘Normal Talk’ series is brought your ‘Toxic Memory of School’.

the toxic memories of schools

The quintessential part of our childhood is a school period where we create unforgettable memories of our lives and befriends unknown. Nonetheless, while strolling down memory lane, the very moment becomes agonizing for some people inasmuch toxicity of school life. I wish you don’t have to undergo these vicious circumstances. The level of toxicity segregates. This critical situation becomes more treacherous when you meet a psychopath teacher who bashed you owing to his or her bad mood which they had taken from their home. Their mood swings or family brawls were red signs for you. They left a spy in the classroom to know about the relationships or crushes of students. Henceforth, mocking it in the staff room. They tell the reason behind the low grades in relationships or friendships. Teachers should emphasize on make students engrossed in their studies not harkening on how their love life is going.

Moreover, the girls have to bear slut-shaming sporadically which is typical for a few teachers. They titled you ‘characterless’ for wearing short skirts or talking to boys periodically, for using cosmetics like nail paint, kajal, lipsticks, or accessories like earrings. Talking to the opposite gender reckon the transgression of their rules. The magnitude of their wickedness is too large to bear for the teenagers. Likewise, when I was in the school then, there were a few female teachers sometimes males too who did so. I reckon this, the use of cosmetics is downright detrimental in this tender age. However, their way had to be made it learns is absurd. A myriad of times, celebrities have shared the very moment of their lives where they have to endure this intolerable circumstance.

Innumerable celebrities had to tear this vulnerable situation in their school days. In addition to this, it became an unforgettable reminiscence of anyone’s life.

Despite that, we meet some toxic friends or classmates who do back-biting, drastically. Ultimately, the teachers are the pillar of schools so, they have to stand a soothing ambiance for the students in the school plus, pay heed to their studies, not their personal lives.

Thanks for reading.

Written By Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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