Crispy Green Sauce Pasta Recipe

Do you want to relish the healthiest food? This is palatable as well as a myriad of nutrients. You will definitely love this pasta. Basically, people along with children don’t like to eat spinach, however this is the recipe where you would love spinach so much. Try this crispy recipe soon and comment how much you liked this.

There are the ingredients and recipe to make the delicious and healthiest pasta.

Required Ingredients for Green Sauce

Olive Oil
Red chili powder
Cheese slices

Step 1 –

Boil Spinach and then rest it for 2 mins. Grind the Spinach and make a paste of it.
Now, boil the pasta.

Step 2 –

In second step,

Take a pan and put 2 big spoons of oil (olive oil) in it, put the chopped garlic in it, add the spinach paste with red chili powder, and some cheese slices after mix it for 2-3 mins then put some salt in it and add the pasta which we have boiled and mix it properly. After two mins to 5 mins, pasta is ready.

Here is our green spinach pasta ready.

Green Spinach Pasta Recipe

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In this vacation, you’re also planning for a trip. Trips are usually for relaxing your mind from tiresome life. Mountain trips are spectacular. In mountain trips, there are so many things to do. So, go get ready for your mountain trip. However, here, are you in a dilemma? For how to do bag packing for trip? Don’t take tension.

Here lies a list of essentials for the trip.

  1. Power Bank :- This is the most relevant need of everyone. Suppose, you’re in a trip. And the phone’s battery will be ended. You will not get any place for charging it. In this condition, you require a power bank. Once, you charged your power bank. You never need to charge your phone for two, three days.
  2. Air pods or earplugs :- The combo of mountains and music is fantastic. You can listen to songs and feel the breezy air of mountains. Air pods can be a good time pass for you. It will help you attend calls during travel time.
  3. Clothing :- Take clothes in accordance with your need. Which type of clothes have you need? Mostly, warm clothes are needed in mountain area. Because of winter. Thought about the season before packing your clothing. Usually, sweaters are important.
  4. Shoes or slippers :- Shoes are good for mountain area. They are relaxing for long walks, hiking and trekking. But never forget your pair of slippers. It is comfortable to wear when you stay in a hotel or lodge room.
  5. Multiple plugs ports :- Hotels or lodges has many charging plugs and facility of electricity. Multiple plugs ports are useful for camping, trekking, hiking, climbing mountains etc. This is a useful asset for the trip.
  6. Documents :- Keep your all significant documents. Aadhaar card is the most essential in it. You never know when you have need of if most.
  7. Cards :- Cashless transaction are easy for nowadays. You can’t keep so much money. So, cards are influential for such a time. You can fulfill your need without cash.
  8. First aid kit :- Whenever you go, first aid kit is a relevant part of your life. It is ready with some painkillers, bandages, cotton, relief creams etc.
  9. Camera :- Camera had become a part of our lifestyle. We can’t imagine our trips without the photograph. Taking so much photos in mobile phones can’t handle by mobile phones. Photographs make memory fresh. Don’t forget to take a camera.
  10. Tents :- If your friends make a sudden plan for camping, you won’t disappoint. Tents will also help you when all hotels and lodges are full. And you don’t get room to stay.
  11. Sanitizer or masks :- At last, don’t forget to keep the most and most important part of not only journey but also the life in accordance with nowadays situation. Today’s condition tells us the importance of it. Keep it and also use it time to time.

My blog has included all the essential item which should be unforgettable in mountain trips. I hope, you will not find any inadequacy during your trip. Keep all your belonging safe. Hope, you enjoy your journey.

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Top 25 Blog Niches Ideas.

Men, women, adults and teenagers all are found the blogging very beneficial. People do blog not only to earn money but also to develop their personal skills. Blogging is a better way to earn money sitting at home. And simple way to create an artist in own self.

When you start to do blogging, there is the biggest problem to think about blog niche. A good niche gets good views. While writing a blog, always remember what your viewers want. I am giving you a guess about what type of niches people need or want.

Firstly, you should know about niches.

What is niche?

Niche means a topic which about you write a blog.

Blog niches ideas :

1. Review Blog : In a review blogs, you can give review of products. Benefits and advantages of product. These are products which review you can give;

  • Cosmetics : Like face creams, lotions and so many products like this.
  • Electronic Gadgets : Like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and many other products.
  • Clothing : you can give your look over on brands.
  • Book Review : In this blog, you can give a small details about plot and characters.
  • Movie Review.

This is the examples of book review;

2. Cooking Recipes : Housewives and people who don’t know how to cook food love to read this type of blog. This type of blogs are very interesting for the audience who love to cook food.

3. Travel Blog : Before going to travel to anywhere, people need to know about the place, about the place’s culture and every small information about the place. So, travel blogging is very beneficial to write. I have also written a travel blog. I have given you a link in the below paragraph. You can check it if you want or need.

This is the examples of travel blog;

4. Food Blog : Nowadays, every other person is a foodie. So, they are really interested to know about foods. And which food belongs to which city. Every city is known for their popular food as Mumbai for Pav bhaji, Bengal for rasgulla and many more just like that.

5. Beauty Hacks : In daily routine, everybody wants some hacks to beautify themselves. Often, ladies are excited to know it.

6. Exercises and Yoga Position : Daily routine of exercises and yoga is very profitable for every person. It is a daily life need. Examples;

  • How to begin exercise
  • How to get hourglass body shape
  • How to begin yoga
  • How to do meditation
  • How to get glowing skin
  • Facial exercises

7. How to gain weight.

8. How to lose weight.

9. Interior Designing : This field has several things to explore. People want their houses unique from anyone. So, you can also choose to write this type of blogs.

10. How to care of a pregnant lady : A pregnant lady has so much worries to worry about. In pregnancy, there is so many things to do and so many things not to do. You can share your plan by the medium of blogs. It will very be helpful for them.

11. Daily life hacks : Small hacks is the cause of big changes. It is favorable for everybody.

12. Baby care hacks : From head to toe, to take care of a baby is a very difficult task to do. Blogs can make people’s life easy to take care about babies.

13. Skin care routine : After the exhausted day routine, every woman need to look fresh and beautiful. Examples of it;

  • How to remove pimples
  • How to avoid dark circles
  • How to get glowing skin
  • How to do manicure at home
  • How to get acne free skin
  • How to get long hair

14. Health care habits : How to spend a good and healthy day to night routine? It is what which need to know every person. This blog will help you to get more views.

15. DIY crafts.

16. Gaming blogs

17. Career Counselling.

18. Educational Blogs : Students who are eager to get knowledge are so much like to read it.

19. Sports related blogs.

20. How to do home decor in budget : With the beautiful home, everyone wants to take care about their budget. So, write about this blog is not a bad idea.

21. How to start a YouTube channel : In this blog, You should give all miner information about starting YouTube channel and how to get it to the peak of success.

22. Diet plans for being healthy : You make diet charts for people who have not so much to think about it own.

23. Comparison of two products.

24. How to take care of pets.

25. Business blog.

Conclusion : There are some blog niches idea in the above paragraphs which help you to do blogging. If you have made a mind for blogging, then this blog is for you. So, with the mind -blowing niches. Are you ready to make a blog?

– Mansi Vishwakarma.