Bougainvillea Tea Recipe!

Bougainvillea Leaves!

Bougainvillea :

It is an outstanding climber ever seen by me. This blossom has a magnificent design and blooming style. These types of flowers are easy to grow. It boosts your health as well. People from numerous countries used it as treatment of nausea, cold, cough, sore throats etc. This flower easily grows in warm weather. Thousands of varieties spontaneously burgeoned in the whole world. You can grow it in anything and anywhere. This heart-shaped paper kind leaves are shown eye soothing as well as profitable for health. You can use it as remedy for some health issues. It is not poisonous, nevertheless beware of some affectable part of this shrub which can be caused trouble to your health.

You can’t imagine how useful this flower can be for you.
Do you know how to use it for avoiding cold, cough, sore throats, diabetes, diarrhea and nausea?
Prepare tea with bougainvillea leaves.

Not only that, but also you would get numerous beauty benefits. This pulchritudinous flower enchances your beauty as well. Get glowing skin with it is as easy as pie task. If you don’t know about it, then try this superb tea.

Bougainvillea tea recipe!

Recipe to prepare tea :

Step 1

Pluck the flower leaves from the shrub.
Wash it carefully. (It can remove all the dirt easily.)
Keep it aside after washing.


Step 2

Take a deep pan.
Boil 1 or 2 cups water in it.
After boiling, put the leaves into the boiled water.
Leave it for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Filter it in a cup. Pour 1/2 spoon lemon juice and honey. Mix it well.


Your tea is prepared.

You must see the colour of water, which has been a little pinkish or reddish. It looks charming and benefits you so much. Drink this remarkable tea with thousands of benefits.

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Today, I am planning to wear my fav black outfit in which i look proper stunning.
Ohhh! But,
Strawberry legs again!!!

Dear Reader,

This is common thing to have strawberry legs. We can avoid leg hair with shaving or by any method of clearing hair. However, how do you deal with strawberry legs? Can we do something with strawberry legs which destroys beauty of hairless legs? Everything has a solution. So, read this blog to get away from strawberry legs and say ‘hiii’ to beautiful legs.

Causes of strawberry legs :

  1. Not using shaving cream.
  2. Using harsh blade.
  3. Not using moisturizer after shaving.
  4. Don’t choose right method to shave.

Right method to avoid strawberry legs :-

  • Wash your legs gently.
  • Apply shaving cream or shampoo or conditioner on your legs.
  • Shave your legs with the smooth hand. Don’t do it harshly.
  • Wash your legs with normal water.
  • Now, apply sugar and lemon mixture in your legs.
  • Rub it gently for 5 minutes.
  • Then, wash your legs.

After using this technique, you can free from strawberry legs in few weeks. Strawberry legs prevent us from wearing short dresses.But, Now, we can get beautiful legs easily. And wear what you want.

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