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In the series of ‘Incredible India’, we are gonna exemplify the mesmerizing beauty of the Ismad-ud-doula mausoleum which was constructed under the guidance of empress Nur Jahan (the wife of Jahangir) between 1922 to 1928. It is considered the draft of the Taj Mahal or sometimes, be called the baby Taj. She embraced the impulse of building Itmad-ud-doula from Gol Mandal Temple. It is located near Motibagh in Agra city in Uttar Pradesh. She built the grave in memory of his father Mirza Ghiyaz Beg. As; we considered the Taj Mahal, a symbol of unmatchable love. This could also be called the devotion of a daughter to his father.

This is hailed as a ‘Jewel box’ since its design is parallel to a jewelry box. The pure white and elaborately carved tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah conforms to the Islamic style of architecture. The use of arched entrances, octagonal-shaped towers or minarets, use of mesmerizingly carved floral patterns, intricate marble-screen work, and inlay work are all manifestations of the Islamic style. The absence of a dome and the presence of a closed kiosk on top of this building and the use of chhatris atop the four towers instead of proper domes are reflective of the influence of the Golmandal temple or the innumerable designs.

The marvelous precursor of the alluring monument ‘The Taj’ has massive idiosyncrasy from the bygone craftsmanship of the Mughals. Before this, Mughal architecture is assembled with red sandstone which is exceedingly rhapsodic however, the monotonous work of pietra dura is beyond it. The craftsmanship of pietra dura is time taking even though alleviates the soul. Ultimately, it is the utter piece of enchanting beauty or archaic glory of India.

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In this vacation, you’re also planning for a trip. Trips are usually for relaxing your mind from tiresome life. Mountain trips are spectacular. In mountain trips, there are so many things to do. So, go get ready for your mountain trip. However, here, are you in a dilemma? For how to do bag packing for trip? Don’t take tension.

Here lies a list of essentials for the trip.

  1. Power Bank :- This is the most relevant need of everyone. Suppose, you’re in a trip. And the phone’s battery will be ended. You will not get any place for charging it. In this condition, you require a power bank. Once, you charged your power bank. You never need to charge your phone for two, three days.
  2. Air pods or earplugs :- The combo of mountains and music is fantastic. You can listen to songs and feel the breezy air of mountains. Air pods can be a good time pass for you. It will help you attend calls during travel time.
  3. Clothing :- Take clothes in accordance with your need. Which type of clothes have you need? Mostly, warm clothes are needed in mountain area. Because of winter. Thought about the season before packing your clothing. Usually, sweaters are important.
  4. Shoes or slippers :- Shoes are good for mountain area. They are relaxing for long walks, hiking and trekking. But never forget your pair of slippers. It is comfortable to wear when you stay in a hotel or lodge room.
  5. Multiple plugs ports :- Hotels or lodges has many charging plugs and facility of electricity. Multiple plugs ports are useful for camping, trekking, hiking, climbing mountains etc. This is a useful asset for the trip.
  6. Documents :- Keep your all significant documents. Aadhaar card is the most essential in it. You never know when you have need of if most.
  7. Cards :- Cashless transaction are easy for nowadays. You can’t keep so much money. So, cards are influential for such a time. You can fulfill your need without cash.
  8. First aid kit :- Whenever you go, first aid kit is a relevant part of your life. It is ready with some painkillers, bandages, cotton, relief creams etc.
  9. Camera :- Camera had become a part of our lifestyle. We can’t imagine our trips without the photograph. Taking so much photos in mobile phones can’t handle by mobile phones. Photographs make memory fresh. Don’t forget to take a camera.
  10. Tents :- If your friends make a sudden plan for camping, you won’t disappoint. Tents will also help you when all hotels and lodges are full. And you don’t get room to stay.
  11. Sanitizer or masks :- At last, don’t forget to keep the most and most important part of not only journey but also the life in accordance with nowadays situation. Today’s condition tells us the importance of it. Keep it and also use it time to time.

My blog has included all the essential item which should be unforgettable in mountain trips. I hope, you will not find any inadequacy during your trip. Keep all your belonging safe. Hope, you enjoy your journey.

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I hope, you all are doing well. Welcome to latest blog which is about ‘How to do bagoacking for beach trip?’. Blog here.☑

Beach has the sun. Beach has the summer. Beach has the fun. Beach has the party. Not only that, but also beaches have all the things which you need to make your vacations stunning. Before, welcoming you on the beach. I will be aware you to take some attachments to make your trip fantastic. Beach is the fun place where you won’t want to feel less because of incomplete bag packing. If you are going to beach first time, then it is normal to forget about some needy items.

List of unforgettable essentials :-

  1. Clothing :- Take light clothes with you so that you can get full enjoyment. Polka dots cloth, flower designs cloth, printed cloth are more wear in beaches. Keep scarfs, shorts, t-shirts in your packing. Never forget to take party wear dresses for crazy nights. And yeah. Always carry a towels or napkins with.
  2. Sunglasses or hats :-There are heavy sunlight in beach area. To keep safe your eyes from UV rays, wear sunglasses in here. Hats are also important to protect your head from heavy sunlight. Hat avoids you from sunstroke and sunburn too.
  3. Swimming costume :-Beaches are situated on the coastal area of sea. You will, of course, find an opportunity to swim. If you’re interested in swimming, then take a swimming suit with you. By the way, there are available swimming costumes by the resorts or hotels as well.
  4. Slippers or sandals :-Take normal slippers as well as party wear sandals with you. Slippers are good for beaches and resorts. And the stylish sandals are good for attending parties. Because, parties are very normal in beaches.
  5. Sunscreen Lotion :-The more you make fun, the more sun takes your glow. To keep safe your original tone. Take an SPF lotion between 30 and 50 SPF. It is really needed in beaches.
  6. Documents and cashless money :-You will go anywhere in this world. Don’t dare to forget to take your ID proof and other important documents. We can’t afford so much money with. So, cashless money is the best option for it.
  7. Umbrella :-Don’t forget to take a colorful umbrella with you. It makes you fashionable as well as keep safe from sun. Take care of your health with fashion.
  8. Medicines :-Medicines are significant for every trip. The most knowing problem of beaches is sunstroke, dehydration, food poisoning and puking etc. Add medicines in your packing always. If you are a girl, then carry sanitary, tampons or menstrual cup with.
  9. Toiletries – Your personal toiletries makes you hygienic as well as keeps away you from several infection and diseases. If you have to go outskirts always, then you have to keep it always within your bag. It’s an essential part of daily life.

These trips are really great but, without these stuffs can incomplete. Some forgotten stuffs can spoil your trip and mood as well. So, take care of all these things before packing for beach or any other trip.

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That’s a photoblog of visitting Mumbai.

See how interesting to visit Mumbai. And see the places which you should not miss when you will visit Mumbai.

1. Bandra Worli Sea Link :

Bandra Worli Sea Link

2. Marine Lines :

Marine Lines
Marine Lines
Marine Line
Marine Line

3. Sidhivinayak Temple :

Sidhivinayak Temple

4. Mahim Dargah :

Mahim Dargah

5. Chhatrapati Sahu Ji Mahraj Terminal :

6. Elephenta Caves :

Elephenta Caves

7. Versova Beach :

Versova Beach

8. Basilica of our lady of the mount :

Basilica of our lady of the mount

9. Mount Mary church :

Mount Mary Church : Day View
Night view of Mount Mary Church
Night View of Mount Mary Church

These capvating images are from Mumbai. We should of course visit these place in Mumbai.

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