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Assam flood fury !

Let’s read and think.


Every year we hear a call from government. Assam has been started affecting by floods.Many lives are in danger.We have started rescue operation.Many districts and many people have been affected by floods.Many people are died.Bollywood stars, ministers, business men and other rich people donate a huge amount of money.When we know that this floods comes in every rainy season. Why do we not search for a permanent solution? Just like that, many questions are still waiting.Flood affected lives have questions for our government system.What has been proposed as a long – term solution?


26.38 lakhs people are affected.Twenty seven out of thirty three villages are submerged in flood.Goalpara is one of the greatest damage area.Every region of assam are highly affected.Many lives are at risk.They are surviving for their lives.They have not food to eat, shed to live.Yet the major havoc has taken 120 people lives.Rescue operations are in progress, but millions of lives are in danger.Their lives devastes during flood.Kajiranga National Park is also affected.Most unknown of all,animals are seaching for safe places to survive.One eighty seven animals are died including sixteen rhinos.


The reasons behind the flood is both man made and natural. The Brahamputra River and their tributries are above the danger mark, the area is submerged in water.Because of the earthquakes, the river has not been stable at their plate.The Brahamputra River comes from Himalaya region, so the increasement in water level is a few because of ice melting.Habitation in river flowing area , deforestation and population growth are human made causes.The dams are not regulated to release at right time.With the so many reasons people are surviving for their lives.This year flood is more destructive than the previous years.


From the independence of seventy years,the situation of flood has still maintained.Government did not think about it a proper solution.Government should a proper study about the every year destrution.Central and state both the government should restrictly search for the solutions.Before the monsoon they should prepare.The dams should regulate strictly.New dams should also be made.We should pay attention to our forestation.And pre planned before the rainy season.

We can not do anything for them alone.We should help them together.We should pray for them.Those who have money should help them with money.God gave them power to fight with the situation.

Stay safe/ stay happy.

Take care of yourself and stay tuned.

Mansi Vishwakarma.


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