Self defence for girls.

Let’s smile and read it.


One day , I was standing in my colony. I saw a girl who was returning home from her job.Some boy’s group were following her.At first she did not pay attention to those boys. After a while she noticed those boys and she got scared.She got so scared that she started running.The boys also started running behind her.She saw a police car and cried for help.The boys also saw the police car.And suddenly those people disappread.Think what would happen to girl if the police car was not there.In our days, Approximately, All the girls do jobs.Every of them wants to live self- subordinate.It is not wrong to stand on your feet.We want all the girls stand on their feet.But how can we give security to girls?Who will take responsibility for the security of girls? This problem is not only for employee girls but all types of girls have to face them.


We always stop our girls not boys.We never ask our boys ” Where are you going?” It is normal to have girlfriend for male child.But our girls cannot talk with boys even friendly.Boys have privacy to not to show their personal things in cellphone but girls don’t have.Girls can’t reveal their eve teasing openly before their parents. Drinking ,smoking, late night outings is not bad boys.It is a few things which I am showing you.There is lot left.


Many self- dependent girls leave their job.Many girls get married.Many girls try to commit suicide.Many girls die.Many girls get depression.Many girls lose their lives.No one can tell these problems better than who have gone through it.

How to protect yourself :

Sitting at home is not a cure.It is also not good to restrain our girl to go out from home.And this increases morale of boys. They think that they have rights to do that.We have to find this problems solution ourselves.We have to keep pepper spray, self- defense alarm and many things have for security.Self defense is the most important part of girl’s security.We have many moves to defend us.

1. Hammer strike: Instead of finger nails we should use keys.While walking at night we should keep keys.We should keep keys between our fist during hammer strike.It is the easiest way to defend us.

2. Elbow strike: If our enemy is too close to us. We cannot punch them effectively, so we should use it.We should punch at sensitive point.After a while attackers grip will be loosen.Attacker will allow us for running.

3. Kick at the groin: Groin attack is the most powerful technic to defend us.It is the most sensitive part of not a male but also a female body.It is very useful to fend off from attacker.

4. Attack from the ground: If we fall to the ground , we should push the attacker vigorously.It will give us time to run.

5. A ringing ear slap: We should spread our arms and forcefully hit both of attacker’s ears.

These are some tricks to defend us from attackers.Here is some place of the body where hitting will have more effect.Many moves have not mentioned here.But follow the above points. Go out from home fearlessly.

Thanks for reading guys.

Stay tuned/ stay happy.

Your writer/ Your blogger.

– Mansi Vishwakarma


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