Behavioral disorders in children and adolescent.

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During parenthood,we go through many problems.We always hear that some parents are upset because of their children’s rude behavior.What is the reason behind their rude behavior? Are they really rude?Or are they going through some problems?Mental illnesses and behavioral disorders are very common in these days.If anyone is going through these problems.We should support them instead of ignoring.I tell you a story about a boy who is suffering from behavioral disorder.A child whose name is Aarav going through behavioral disorder.His parents always beat him because of him wild behavior.He always teased animals. He was always vandalizing. Apart from his parents,everyone used to get upset.Just like that, There are many children like Aarav around us,who we should take care of.Seeing such a behavior,we should not be irritated. It’s very common problem in today’s generation.Cause of behavioral disorder many persons lose their job. It is negatively affect their ability, marriage, relationship etc.


It has many causes.Many times , It is because of biological, family,schooling and atmosphere problems. Some biological problems are there; 1. Physical illness or disability. 2.Malnutrition. 3.Brain damage 4.Hereditary factors. Other factors are there; 1. Divorce of parents 2. Coercion from parents 3. Not to pay attention in studies 4. Unhealthy discipline 5. Carelessness for eating.


It has different symptoms in different persons.It has two types; one is emotional and the another is physical. Emotional symptoms are here; 1.Having difficulty to control own’s behavior 2.Throwing things 3.Arguing 4. Own fault’s blame throw on others 5. Easily getting annoyed 6.Appearing angry. And these are physical symptoms; rash,headache,fever, being absent. Sometimes,they burn their finger and cut their body parts.They can harm others too.

Types of behavior disorder:

They have major eight types ; 1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ). 2. Oppositional defiant disorder ( ODD ). 3. Autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ). 4. Biopolar disorder. 5. Learning disorder. 6. Conduct disorder. 7. Anxiety disorder. 8. Depression.

1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD )

Inattentive,impulsive,hyperactivity are the main symptoms of this disorder.Meaning of it is ( Attention Deficit ) lack of attention and ( Hyperactivity) One girl out of three boys grapples with it.In india, the ratio is less than other countries.There is 11% children grapple with it.Children suffer more with it at the age of three to six.Adults suffer with it too.Examples ; During this disorder, children have lack of attention.They answer without completing question.They always want first chance during playing cricket. They can not sit for long. This is not very serious disorder.But we have to pay attention.Parents should not beat their children. They should understand under what circumstances they are doing this. Sometimes, it is in pre-mature babies.

Medication for ADHD.

These medicines are safe when they are properly monitored by experts. It can be harmful for children.During therapy children try to do suicide. Suicidal thoughts easily comes in their mind.Doctors prescribe it even though it have not approved by FDA for use it in ADHD. It reacts in patients body. Examples; sweating, constipation, trouble sleeping, dry mouth and nausea etc. Homoeopathy is more good for it. (_Mercurius SOL _)and (_Arsenic ALB_) are two homeopathic medicines for it.And add OMEGA – 3 fatty acids in diet.As well as medication we should pay attention to their daily schedule.Punctual them for eating,sleeping and all daily activities.

2.Oppositional Defiant Disorder ( ODD)

Children do not like to see symptoms in them. They are not like to shown their behavior before doctors.They are also complain about unreasonable demands and blame others for their faults. Parents always concern about their children’s challenging behavior.Oppositional behavior is normal for two and three year but it will be risk in adolescent. Examples; Arguing with elders, Easily irritated, temper tantrum, easily touchy and annoyed, frequently anger, mean to talk when they are upset, Deliberately annoyed and upset people, don’t get their mistake and blame others for it,revenge seeking etc.Parents have to face their vandalizing behavior in two- three months.

Medication for ODD:

Individual and family therapy; In this therapy patient learns how to control their anger and evil expression.How to manage works with others? Family and patient learn how to work together. Social skill training; This therapy help them to how to be more flexible and learn how to get more positivity in them. Parent training; A mental health professional will teach you how to be less frustrating for you and your child. In some cases, your child may also participate with you and can learn how to face problems. Teachers are the most important part of training.

3. Autism spectrum disorder:

Autism spectrum disorder is and development disability. They have different way to do anything from everybody.Some people with ASD need lot of help on their daily life than others.People with ASD have problems social,emotional and communication skills. They have certain behavior in their daily life and they do not want to change.Signs of ASD will start with early childhood and end with ending of life.The children of ASD see rare than normal children.They go through these problems ; Examples; Abnormal body posturing and facial expressions, Abnormal tone of voice, Poor eye contact and avoidance of eye contact, Delay in leaning to speak, behavioral disorder, flat and monotonous speech etc.

Medication for ASD:

Applied behavior analysis; ABA is often used in schools and clinic to help your child how to positive behaviors and reduce negative ones.Some therapy are examples of it; Discrete trial training; uses simple lesson and positive reinforcement. Verbal behavior intervention; focuses on language skills. Early intensive behavioral intervention ; is best for children under age 5. Pivotal response training ; helps develop motivation to learn and communicate.

4.Bipolar disorder:

Bipolar disorder has two faces of time.Sometimes, Patients live in a euphoria (mania) and sometimes they live in depression.Almost it occurs in teenagers and elder children. But it also possible in children.In children, it seems as mood swings. One phase of hyperactivity is mania. And second phase of lowest activity is euphoria (mania).Third phase is normal. In phase of mania patient feels very active in every activity. They have abnormal energy. They have less sleep time in the era of mania. They do very motivational conversation.These are some symptoms ; hyperactivity, trouble sleeping, taking silly or happy, short temper, trouble concentration, engaging in risky behaviors. Physician are not more useful for this disorder.

Medication of bipolar disorder:

Several medicines are available to stabilise mood swings. These are commonly called mood stabilisers include; Lithium,anticonvulsant medicines, antipsychotic medicines.

5. Conduct disorder:

There are several symptoms of conduct disorder; intimidating or bullying others,cruelty for animals, use of weapon,violation of rules etc. Drug , alcohol abuse, sexual activity are also concern parents. If this activity shows in anyone, they are suffering from conduct disorder. Immediately, they need to have diagnosed by professional.Genetics, brain abnormalities,social issue and cognitive deficit are some reason behind this disorder.Conduct disorder patient have to go through antisocial personality disorder later in life.

Medication for conduct disorder:

Treatment of conduct disorder depends on several terms such as child’s age and severity of human behavior. Examples; Family therapy, parents training, psychotherapy, residential placement, medication etc. Psychotherapy ;Individual therapy may be useful when children learn new skills such as anger management and impulse control. Residential placement; When children can be out of control.Parents should be change their resident for saving others life. Parents training; Treatment involves caretakers and parents. Parents and caretakers use to train for facing patient’s aggressive condition at home. Family therapy; Parents,siblings and other family members invited for therapy.It can be improve patient’s relation with parents. Medication; There is not medication that treats conduct disorder.But sometimes psychiatrist prescribes medicine for treat other underlying mental illness.

6. Learning disorder:

Here are the most common learning disabilities; dyslexia, ADHD , dyscalculia ,dysgraphia, processing deficits. A learning disorder prevents people to learn skill and increase intelligence. It has commonly attack average or above average intelligence. Common learning disorder affects reading, writing, maths ,non- verbal skills.These are some symptoms of learning disorder; They do not hold a pencil easily.They have difficulty to learn things from their age.They do not remember people’s conversation. They have difficulty to walk and play. Doesn’t master at reading, writing, non- verbal skill and math. Some causes of learning are there; family history and genetics, psychological trauma , physical trauma, environmental exposure, prenatal and neonatal risks etc.

Medication for learning disorder;

Medication treatment of ADHD can improve their concentration during learning.They are needy for extra help. We should do extra help for their learning.Some children have been benefited by therapy. Therapy can help them for reading and writing skills as well as speaking. Individualised education program ( IEP) ; American public school gives invidual education whom going through learning disorder. India should also do that for their special child.

7. Anxiety disorder:

A person who feels anxious on most of days, worrying about lot of things for a period of six months or more has anxiety disorder.Examples; social anxiety, panic disorder, specific phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD) , post- traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD) etc. Some symptoms of these are there ; sweating, trembling, feeling nervous and restless, feeling weak or tired, breathing rapidly, increasing heart rate , having sense of doom etc.There are some causes of anxiety disorder; separation from anyone, selective mutism, agoraphobia, due to physical problem, heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain , drug misuse, thyroid problem. Participate which make you joyful and good. Friend and relatives can lessen your problem. Anxiety disorder patient should keep away from drugs and drinking.Like any other disorder anxiety can also be cause of trouble.

Medication for anxiety disorder:

Self care; Quitting smoking, never use alcohol,exercise, reduce caffeine intake and healthy routine. Therapy; meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy. There are some reaction because of medicines ; dry mouth,less sleeping, gain weight,dry stomach,nausea, blurry vision, headaches etc.

8. Depression:

We hear most of time about depression. Depression is very common disease for our days. There are many reasons about depression. Depression is a mood disorder which persistent loss of interest and feeling sad.Major depression is treated with health professional. They should do exercise, reduce intake alcohol and engaging with friends and family may help too. Seek medical help when you have suicidal thoughts and harm yourself or anyone.

Medication for depression:

These are some top medition for depression; remeron, lexapro, effexor, zoloft, celexa,wellbutrin, paxil and savella.

Not only children but also adults are suffering from it.We should take care of them. It is the only and best way to keep person healthy. We have some criminal cases which happen by children and teens because of disorders.We have to save our children and gave them better environment.Parents should also understand their problem.

Stay healthy/ stay blessed.

Your writer/ your blogger.

Mansi Vishwakarma.


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