Greet with distance.

Let’s read and understand.

It is the time for greet with distance. We are living at the phase when touching is a sin.What is the reason behind this sin?

Corona Virus : Covid-19


We hear lots of fact about covid – 19. Examples; We should maintain distance about six feet,we should wear masks and gloves, we should never gather in any place, we should wash our hands repeatedly etc. But which of it do we abide? Corona Virus is not only problem for India but also world wide problem. The first case of corona reported in Wuhan city,China. And gradually it spread throughout the world. The disease started from a human being plagued the whole world. The vaccine was not produced even after eight months had passed. There is no clear remedy except social distancing.What should people do for safety? This is the question of every mind. Doctors are working hard in these days. Rather all the government servants are working hard for us. We should support them by staying at home.

How to recognize covid – 19;

We do not have proper symptoms yet. Most common symptoms; 1. Fever,2. Dry cough, 3. Tiredness ! Less common symptoms; 1. Aches and pains, 2. Diarrhea, 3. Sore throat, 4. Conjunctivitis, 5. Headache, 6. Loss of taste or smell, 7. A rash on skin! Serious symptoms; 1. Trouble breathing, 2. Chest pain or pressure, 3. Loss of speech or movement. These are the some symptoms of covid- 19. If we have any of these symptoms, we should do call on emergency number. Corona emergency number-23978046.

Faults :

These are some mistakes who changed into big troubles. All air travel should have been stopped as soon as it spread in the world. We should have aware in the beginning. Strict steps should he taken for those who break the lockdown.


Do it if you don’t feel well. We should drink boil water. Take steam of boil water two times in a day. Take kaada two times in a day. Good immunity is the best for it.

How to make kaada:

Boil water in a jar. Pour basil’s leaves (tulsi ki Patti) , ginger ( adrak) , turmuric (haldi) , cloves (laung) , cinnamon (dalchini) , cardamom (ilaichi) ,auricle ( karnphool) , black pepper (kalimirch) , old jaggery ( purana gud ) , Ajwayan (ajwain) , bay leaves ( tezpatta). Then boil the water and sieve it.

Kaada recipe


There are 2.15 million people infected by corona. Only 1.48 million are recovered and died 43,379 thousands. Maharashtra has the highest percentage of corona cases. Delhi is the second highest percentage of it. By the way, the whole of India is worried about this.

India’s report
India’s report

How to avoid this disease:

We do not have proper medicine. All doctors and scientists are engaged in the search for vaccine. Here are some remedies; 1. Wash your hands repeatedly, 2. Keep a physical distance, 3. Always wear mask, 4. Stay at home while illness, 5. Don’t touch eyes, nose and mouths, 6. Meet doctor while feeling trouble breathing and sickness, 7. Cover your face while sneezing etc.


Coronavirus is infecting all ages people. But infents and old ages people should more aware of it. Because it is more dangerous for aged, children and cancer, asthama and other respiratory disease patients. We should be take care of us and whom we love and care for. If we feel some of coronavirus’s symptoms, we should meet doctors. Government,government servants and all Indian should fight against this virus together. Keep physical distance not mentally.

Avoid coronavirus not corona infected person. Help them to recover with all that you can do for them. Restrain physical distance to become mentally.

Stay home/ stay safe.

God bless you.

– Mansi Vishwakarma.


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