Youths Problems and Solution

Let’s read and smile.


As we have heard this beautiful quotation written by Frederick Douglass. ( “It is easier to build strong children than to repair a broken man.”) Likewise , our youth is also there. As I am also a youth. I faced many problems in my life. Youths have several problem in their life to face . Many people face it. And many people give up . It is in our hands whether we have to face or give up. Challenges start when we give up. College pressure , exams pressure , job pressure and many other pressures take away happiness of life. But the unemployment is the biggest issue of their life. As and youth I suggest you. Take it easy in your life. It is not and big deal. And what should government do for it? Come and read it deeply.

Some problems of today’s youths lives:

These are some problems in youths lives; 1. Unemployment, 2. They can’t do what they want, 3. Single parents, 4. Short of money, 5. Heartbreaks, 6. Social Media, 7. Bullying, 8. Racism 9. Drug or alcohol use, 10. Depression.

1. Unemployment :

After the pursuing degree, many youths are unemployed. Thirty one million people in India are still unemployed. In every five years “Ministry of labour and employment” would survey and release the data of unemployed people. But never think about their issues. And problem which they face because of unemployment. Undoubtedly, Our youths are very talented and skillful. But they didn’t get opportunity yet. Many youths are being depressed because of it. I suggest you to not to take trouble. Every problems has a solution.


The Indian Government is introducing a new monthly employment allowance scheme to help the unemployed youth in the country. The unemployment allowance Scheme will be launched under the leadership of Primeminister Narendra Modi. As the part of scheme, the youth in india get 2000 – 3500 Rs. Monthly basis.

2. They can’t do what they want :

It is also the biggest issue of a youth’s life. They are not independent to do what they like. Many parents pressurized their child to do what they are choose for them. They can’t do their choice’s course. Because of it students do not give attention to their study. They have to face failure. And can’t do things as well as they can do for their choice’s course.


Parents should understand their child’s better sight. And should never pressurise for any higher course. What should your child do after getting higher paying salary’s job if he or she is not happy? Think about your child’s ability and happiness.

3. Single Parents :

Many couples have problems in their marriage life. So, they get divorce. And many youths lost their parents because of some tragic circumstances. Single parents do not get handle their child and their jobs lonely. Both duties are being unmanageable. In this frustrating situation, they didn’t have time for his or her child. In lack of attention and moral support, children are being mislead by evil people. Parents guidance is the most important thing in youth’s life. I’m kindly request to you to support your child.


Before taking the decision of divorce, couple should discuss it with their child. Because it is not only their decision also their child’s. In every circumstances they should support their child. They didn’t think about society. Because their child is the first priority of them.

4. Lack of money :

Every year many able students could not get admission in higher level courses because of lack of money. Their parents hardly do complete their education. Private institutes do not less their fee. And government institutes have not good facilities and seats. Some poor youths could not get admission in good college after being able because of nepotism. High reputed people and V.I.P give opportunity to their knowings and relatives.


High reputed and V.I.P should not only give chances to their relatives. They also think about able and talented student. Government should increase their seats. Such as things can take away brighter youth from us. They will be next AMBEDKAR SAHAB , ABDUL KALAM SAHAB, KALPANA CHAWLA, SAROJINI NAIDU and many other great personalities.

5. Racism and Bullying :

Most of north eastern students have to face this type of nonsense. People call them such as stupid names with ‘MOMOS’, ‘ CHINESE’ , FOREIGNER and all. They only come here to persue their degree. But they have to face decrimination by us. South Indian students also have to face this disgusting thing. Because of their black colour, we descriminate them. We tease them. Bullying is also a part of it. Many students together in schools and colleges tease their weak classmate. He or she feels alone. And slowly he or she makes distance from crowd. And enjoy their own company.


We don’t tease north eastern and south indian students because of their colour and face. They are also a Indian just like us. They have unique appearance because of their environment. We should give them moral support. We should stop just like that disgusting activities.

6. Drug and alcohol use :

Youths lost their life in drugs and alcohol. In bad company , they start using drugs and alcohol. Using drugs and alcohol mislead them from their bright future. Many times overdoses take away their life. Death rate is increasing day by day. Youths also misbehave with their companion and elders.

Solution :

We should not join the company of drug addicted people. It is not a thing of boast rather it can spoil our lives. We should also help those friends who have been addicted of drugs and alcohol. We should help them to get out from this. Take them for therapy before they did bad thing with ownself.

7. Heartbreaking and Social media:

Heartbreaking is a common thing in youths. In this age, we fall in love. And falling in love is being reason of heartbreaking. Every youth has faced it in their life. Some people can’t hadle their situation and they are being depressed. Social media is huge platform. We can use it in both situations. Sometimes for good things and sometimes for bad things. It is in our hands that how to use this for our profit.


We have approximately talked about youths every situation. It’s only conclusion is that. We should live our life happily and try to give smile others. The toughest and the roughest situation has solution. If you feel demotivated in your life. Think about Swami Vivekananda’s Quotation and feel motivated. And never say you can’t do.

Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.

Swami Vivekananda

Happy International Youth Day.

Thankyou for reading.

Stay healthy/ Stay happy.

Your writer/ Your blogger.

– Mansi Vishwakarma.


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