Off to Arunachal Pradesh / Bag packing for Arunachal Pradesh.

Hey ! Are you also bothering with boredom after corona just like me? And you want some fun to get over with it. Arunachal Pradesh is the best place to get over. There are monasteries and temples for aged, beautiful scenery for adults and thrilling places and sanctuary for children and teens. Winter is the best season to go to Arunachal Pradesh.

Get some important attachments :

To make your trip awesome get these important attachments with you.

1. Documents:

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the three northern states which wants inner line permit. The permit requires necessary documents like Aadhaar card, driving license, passport size photo, voter ID etc. PAN is not necessary for Arunachal Pradesh ILP. You should also take your printed detail of travel. Take your ticket with. Valid detail of date of entering and date of leaving.

2.) Camera :

As you know, photograph is one of the important things of our life. Because we will be faded at the age, but photographs won’t. Take fully charged batteries with.

3.) Clothes :

When you talk about Arunachal Pradesh, you will be unpredictable about their weather. Sometimes you will find heavy rain and just another minutes there is hot sun. You should take both heavy jackets and relaxing t-shirts.

4.) Shoes:

Never forget to get a pair of shoes. There is no plain area like any other states. You have to walk many kilometeres as a pedestrians or hiking. Unpredictable weather can change in a little time.

5.) Medicine:

You should not know when will you need your medicines. For taking full enjoyment of the trip, take medicines along with first aid kit. So that, lose your health never be a reason to lose your fun.

6.) Tent :

If you plan about to trekking or rock climbing, take a tent and sleeping bag with. Many hotels and resorts provide you to these activities.

7.) Power Bank :

Just like camera, you should fully charge your mobile phone. So, Power Bank is very needy.

8.) Rain Gear :

Rain is very common thing in Arunachal Pradesh. You should take a raincoat and waterproof bag cover.

9.) Mask and Sanitizer :

After the huge pandemic of corona, you should always carry mask and sanitizer for every place.

10.) Sunscreen Lotion :

For the sun protection from UV rays, you should get sunscreen lotion with.

It is very essential items for the trip. Inquiry about the cheap hotels and resorts to less expense in journey.

– happy and safe journey.

– Mansi Vishwakarma

– Mansi Vishwakarma.


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