Awareness about how to deal with rape assault, eve-teasing, domestic violence, dowry system and humiliate or molested in offices or other areas by law.

There is a story of a girl whose name is Sheena. She works in a multinational company in high paid salary but lower than male employees. She was humiliated by the head of her office every day. How could she deal with it with the help of law ? If it happens to you or your loved ones, what will you do? This blog make you answerable to how to help out with these situations. There are many laws to help you to escape out from it.

Introduction :

India is a republic country. There is huge importance of constitution in a republic country. Everyone has needed to understand what says Law. Constitution is the most important part of our life. Not to beat about the bush, we cast light to our topic. Now days, we girls are not safe anywhere. We girls should have to take steps about awareness of constitution concerning rape cases, molestation, domestic violence, dowry system and many other big and small areas. First time, Indian Penal Code was introduced a word ‘Rape’ in 1860 as a crime.

What says Indian Penal Code about the definition of rape ?

If any human was assaulted, harassed or forced to make a sexual relationship without their will or make relation with or without their will less than the age of 18 years is called ‘Rape’.

Some important provisions concerning women empowerment and rights :

  • Article 39 (d) : Women should pay equal as male employees for the same position in a company and other fields.

Under IPC :

  • Section 376 : This provision is about the rape. Rapist get life prison or death penalty.
  • Section 363 to 373 : This provisions for kidnapping for any purposes.
  • Section 302 or 304 (B) : This is for death dowry or attempt to kill for greed of dowry.
  • Section 498 (A): This provision is for tortured mentally or physically.
  • Section 354 : Molestation.

Crimes identified under the special law :

  • The protection of women from domestic violence Act, 2005.
  • Dowry prohibition Act, 1961.

Crpc provisions for women rights :

Victim Rights:

  1. Rights to free legal aid.
  2. Women can’t be called police station for interrogation under 160 crpc.
  3. Women can complain any time for the event which happened to her. It will not be matter its happened how much time ago.
  4. Police can’t refuse to register a complaint. Despite, it is not come under their jurisdiction area.
  5. Everything will be confidential for women reputation under 228 (A).
  6. Women should not be forced to give a statement before mass under section 164.

Accused Rights:

  1. Section 50 : Women has right to know about the basis of arresting.
  2. Section 50 (A): Right to inform about arresting to her relatives and friends.
  3. Section 50 (2) : Right to bail under crpc.
  4. Section 56 : Police cannot keep women in police station more than 24 hours without the permission of magistrate. And she can give a statement only before the magistrate if she wants.
  5. Section 49 : Handcuffing is not necessary at the time of arresting under crpc.
  6. Section 46 (4) : Woman cannot force arresting after sunset or before sunrise if it is not very fatal crime.

Conclusion :

These are the provisions to improve the position of women in our society. Give a glimpse to this field also. Aware about your rights to deal with the every type of conditions.


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