Routine for glowing skin.

Dear Reader,

Complexion is the biggest deal with we struggle daily. Fair complexion is cause of our compliments and dusky skin is cause of bad comments. But, this is relevant to know everyone. All skins are beautiful.

The far-reaching thing, we need to know how to get glowing skin. Because, Complexion doesn’t matter if skin glows.! We, most of the Indians, have brown skin. Our skin tone is our identity. So, don’t hide your identity. Do work with it, so it would be more beautiful.

I will give you some tips to get glowing skin;

  • Start your morning with drinking one glass of warm water with honey.
  • Walk in the fresh air. (Because inhale and exhale oxygen is good for health.)
  • Do yoga. ( You must listen that ours bodies are made with five products which are water, air, space, energy, and matter. Lack of these can take away our glow. So, I suggest you to start your morning with fresh air and warm water.)
  • Facial exercises are necessary for glowing skin.
  • Eat healthy breakfast. (e.g., juice is very beneficial in breakfast for everyone.)
  • Drink green tea in the afternoon.
  • Eat healthy in lunch also.
  • Daily massage your face with natural products.
  • Eat raw fruits more.

(It has high volume of vitamin which is beneficial for getting glowing skin.)

Consume vitamin-e capsules if you don’t take any vitamin-e sources.

  • Milk products are the best for skin.
  • Eat your dinner in time.(Have minerals, protein, and vitamins in your food.)
  • Don’t forget to wash your face before sleep.
  • And yaaa! At last, sleep properly.

(All of these which I mentioned, sleeping is the best for healthy skin.)

In these tips, I mostly focus on the food, water, and sleep. Because these are the main things which helps you to maintain a healthy diet and take away you from health issues. Maintain your body from inside is more important than maintain it from inside. What you intake in your body is more working.

I hope, this will helpful for you.

Thanks for reading.

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