Dear Reader!

Every woman has to go outside for any reason. Some does work in an office. Some have to go on business trip. And some have to go to market. Many these of things become the reason for going outside. Working women have to go on business trip suddenly. So, they should well-prepared regarding it previously. I included all the things which are necessary for day to night routine. If you are on any place suddenly, then lack of included things can ruin your mood. Keep these things is also a good habit.

You will be thinking. It can be eyeliner. It can be makeup kit. It can be mirror. Furthermore, it can be blah, blah, blah. If you are thinking that it is one of them then, you’re wrong. Moreover, I am talking about the most crucial things of your bag. For knowing more about it, check the list. List is mentioned in the below section.


  1. Sanitary Pads :-Sanitary pads are necessary for every woman. We all can’t predict when periods will come. So, we all should keep pads for emergency. It will be good habit for us or any other women.
  2. Medicines :-When it comes to health, we should not take any excuses about it. It is the next important asset of everyone’s bag.
  3. Napkins :-Paper napkins can clean your makeup in absence of makeup remover wipes. It is a partner in cold.
  4. Perfume :-Perfume is one of the significant accessories to keep in accordance with me. Women used to extra careful with their hygiene. Odour is a sign of unhygienic behavior. Every one should be careful with the smell which comes when someone confronts you. The fragrance from you gives a good impact on one who standing close to you. So, keep a pocket perfume with you.
  5. Mints :-Mints are good for cleanliness of your mouth. It can control bad smell of your mouth. Give freshness and confidence for speaking.
  6. Mini face wash :- For being fresh. Keep a small pack of face wash.
  7. Sanitizer :-We will not have to think before eating any stall. Because all the street food seller didn’t have hand wash or soap. Keep sanitizer will keep you free minded eating any place.
  8. Charger :-Charger is as relevant as mobile phones are. Before going outside, have your mobile phone charger in your bag.
  9. Power Bank :-Battery of mobile phones is not long-lasting in today’s time. Keep power bank with you always. In the lacking of a charger, it can fill their place.
  10. Pepper Spray :-Day by day, increasing cases of molestation and eve-teasing says us to be secure from our side.

Heyyy reader!

I hope all you please to read my blog. This blog is connected with your daily life routine. And matters in every woman’s life. Sanitary pads are one of those things which are extremely essential for woman body. And rest of things are significant accessories for everyone. Perhaps, It is fruitful for you.

Thanks for reading.



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