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  • ||• Sexist Social Norms •||

    Break the sexist social norms The unshackled women are considered the fortunate ones plus the abled manifestation of empowered women. Nevertheless, the life of fortunate ones becomes sophisticated meanwhile serving two jobs. They have to balance household chores and their jobs, simultaneously. They have been unfettered by society for their breakthrough or be dependent. Notwithstanding…

  • ||• MEN CAN NOT BE RAPE VICTIMS •||(Break the stereotype)

    Presented in Break the Stereotype Series (Topic 2) Correspondingly, ‘solely weak’ can be molested or raped. Ergo, a false notion has been formed by society that ‘solely women’ can be subdued by men which means society considers ‘exclusively women’ to be rape victims or vulnerable and men do not endure this during their lifetime. Regardless…

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