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||• MEN CAN NOT BE RAPE VICTIMS •||(Break the stereotype)

Presented in Break the Stereotype Series (Topic 2)

Correspondingly, ‘solely weak’ can be molested or raped. Ergo, a false notion has been formed by society that ‘solely women’ can be subdued by men which means society considers ‘exclusively women’ to be rape victims or vulnerable and men do not endure this during their lifetime. Regardless of that, these exemplary cases break this taboo.

Break the stereotype (Topic 2)

This alarming topic has been shrouded in the shades for years ‘Men can be raped too’. This line is flabbergasting for some pseudo-feminist women as well as the man who has stuck with the line ‘Mard ko dard nahi Hota hai. A myriad of times, some men have encountered such a thing in their life in contrast they do not disclose or admit inasmuch the fear of ‘what will society say?’.

Molestation or any bad touch is called ‘child abuse’ in childhood either a girl or a boy is going through it. However, the meaning of it changed with time. From society’s point of view, the very male child can undergo rape or molestation until his childhood. Their manliness could be ventured by society if they inform that they are bearing it in adulthood too. This patriarchal society cages women for the sake of ‘protection’ and leaves men to be ‘abused’. Men cannot be raped or women cannot be a rapist are the ghastly social taboo that hinders men to get justice which is their social or legal right. Sporadically, they fend off themselves to attain justice off the back if they do not want to be a laughing stock. Men are called ‘criminals’ until they would prove themselves guiltless. Regardless, women are called ‘victims’ until the judgment which would prove themselves ‘felonious or perpetrator’. Abuser, Criminal, Rapists, and Molester are some exclusive words for the solely male gender.

This is data where a man was raped by 4 women near Jalandhar district proximate 2 months ago. The man was pacing toward his home from a cloistral area. Meanwhile, 4 women reach in a car. They asked him about an address. Men told them the very address. Nonetheless, they act as if they do not fathom plus request him to leave them at that place. He sit in the car to aid them however they gang-raped him.

Besides this, behind the bar, many male prisoners attempt suicide on the account of encountering any physical assault by another prisoner. Moreover, male captive of the war period has to also sustain it.

As a consequence of not reporting relating to the very crime against males, data is too less to evaluate the psychology of rapists against the male gender. However, It would be malicious.

The Psychology Of A Rapist Toward Their Victim has analyzed by

Dr. Samuel D. Smithyman, a US clinical psychologist, learned this when he anonymously interviewed 50 men back in the 1970s who had confessed to having raped someone. These men had diverse backgrounds, social statuses, and, of course, different personalities and mentalities. What surprised him was how unconcerned they sounded when talking about such a criminal offense.

According to his study, these are common things amongst all rapists.

  • a lack of empathy
  • narcissism
  • feelings of hostility towards women


“a research professor of psychology at the University of the South in the US state of Tennessee, told DW that “sexual assault is not about sexual gratification or sexual interest, but more about dominating people.”

Barring the fulfillment of sexual indulgence, people do rape to dominate tame ones or do ragging. Sometimes, they perform it for amusement purpose solely. However, these harrowing things become traumatizing for some people seldomly. In addition to this, they have to bear mental illness for lifetime.

As per reports by The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Nearly 1 in 38 males have experienced completed or attempted rape during their lifetime. We can regard that females are more rape victims however never deny the fact that males are also rape victims.

As per Statistics:

During their lives, 1 in 33 men have experienced an attempted or completed rape; 75% occurred before the men were 18, and 48% before age 12 (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2000).

Despite that, no case of physical assault was filed by the men. One of the significant causes of it is that there is no law for male rape survivors. Nonetheless, the POCSO or Sexual assault at the workplace talks about child abuse or sexual assault against men at the workplace, respectively.

In light of this evidence, it is crystal clear that physical assault against males also occurs in society. A man can be raped by men or women both. Similarly to Pocso or sexual assault at the workplace that are concering to child abuse or sexual assault at workplace, respectively. Rape law should also be gender neutral. We should encourage men to raise their voices against the physical assault they are facing. Ultimately, male or female, sexual abuse is equally agonizing for both.

Thanks for reading.

Written By Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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