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Welcome this remarkable blog where you can find easily ‘how to do self-care?’.

I want to know how do you shampoo your hair in your daily routine.? Simply, everyone’s reply will. We do shampoo and after shampooing, we do conditioning our hair. Like you all, I also used to do this from the past years. Then, suddenly, I know a new thing that is called ‘Reverse Hair Wash Technique’ which is beneficial for me as well as solved my hair problems.

Now, your next question will, ‘what the heck is ‘Reverse Hair Wash Technique‘? I found my problem’s solution. You will find your question’s answer.

So, guys

What is ‘Reverse Hair Wash Technique’?

Like, you have found that word ‘Reverse’. Reverse means everything will be happened ‘just opposite’ as usually used to happen. You have to condition your hair at first. Then, have to shampoo your hair.

How to do ‘Reverse Hair Wash’?

1. At first, wet your hair.
2. Apply conditioner on your hair.
Leave it for 5-6 minutes. And wash your hair.
3. Apply shampoo on your hair.
4. Massage your scalp smoothly.
5. After the 5-6 minutes massage, wash it off.

This is the suitable way to do ‘Reverse Hair Wash’. It is a cakewalk to do. Its performance is very fine for use. In my opinion, you must apply it once in your hair to see the outstanding performance.

Why should we use this uncontroversial technique?

1. It is as easy as normal hair washing.
2. It is good for super oily scalp.
3. Likewise, it will give nourishment to your hair.
4. Furthermore, It will make your hair shiny and smooth.

I hope, this will really useful for you.

Thanks for reading.


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