||•Appearance: The True Color of Society•|| The ‘Normal Talk’ •||

The incessant series of ‘Normal Talk’ has brought up the topic of ‘Appearance: The True Color of Societywhere we talk about how we are criticized for our outer appearances.


-“Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder”

is a fascinating quoted line to impress anyone. However, how much has this been pertinent to the actual world? Since the beholders hold the too judgmental mind. Body positivity is a fundamental topic that has been disseminated on entire social media nonetheless, breaks the actual interpretation of the populace’s typical social norms that had made unreal beauty standards or being judgemental toward the appearance of the multitude. The impulse of body positivity targets our minds however not able to do it thoroughly. When we met someone for the first time then their outer appearance is the significance that we judge. It is ordinary. However, our judgemental dogma is suitable with the limits. Appearance matters until it became toxic or healthy. Sometimes, our judgment tore the fullness of the individual and we traverse our boundaries. Concerning appearance, people judge their height, weight, physique, size, complexion, and so on. We judge a thing that can’t be changed.

Whether middle-class or elite-class, everyone has to confront it. Nevertheless, the toxicity of the populace surge if you’re a prominent personality like an actor and all. As a recent case exemplifies this data, Anant Ambani, the son of a multi-billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani, has been trolled for his obesity. Netizens have failed to disclose the fact that he is immensely asthmatic and that is the ground behind his obese physique. On his special occasion, he was trolled for what is not his fault. Correspondingly, Samantha also experienced this exasperating situation where netizens trolled her for evaporated charisma off the back of having a myositis.

Likewise, the multitude of India confronts these sorts of turbulent conditions while some moments in their lives. They have to hear awkward questions regarding their appearance. ‘You are too skinny or too obese are the lines which would be enough to make you go ballistic. Notwithstanding, people know that weight loss and weight gain are things that fluctuate with time and age. Regardless, people comment on these things. In India, teenagers or adults are too afraid to attend family functions owing to being lambasted for their ‘not perfect appearance’. Acne, scars, dark circles, or wrinkles are ordinary skin nuisances that already agitated the individual but constantly remarking it surges the concern more. As far as I concern, people should normalize these issues whether for a common man or distinguished celebrities.

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Written by Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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The “Normal Talk” presents the typical annoyances of the populace that they experience, but do not share. This time, the ‘Normal Talk’ series is brought your ‘Toxic Memory of School’.

the toxic memories of schools

The quintessential part of our childhood is a school period where we create unforgettable memories of our lives and befriends unknown. Nonetheless, while strolling down memory lane, the very moment becomes agonizing for some people inasmuch toxicity of school life. I wish you don’t have to undergo these vicious circumstances. The level of toxicity segregates. This critical situation becomes more treacherous when you meet a psychopath teacher who bashed you owing to his or her bad mood which they had taken from their home. Their mood swings or family brawls were red signs for you. They left a spy in the classroom to know about the relationships or crushes of students. Henceforth, mocking it in the staff room. They tell the reason behind the low grades in relationships or friendships. Teachers should emphasize on make students engrossed in their studies not harkening on how their love life is going.

Moreover, the girls have to bear slut-shaming sporadically which is typical for a few teachers. They titled you ‘characterless’ for wearing short skirts or talking to boys periodically, for using cosmetics like nail paint, kajal, lipsticks, or accessories like earrings. Talking to the opposite gender reckon the transgression of their rules. The magnitude of their wickedness is too large to bear for the teenagers. Likewise, when I was in the school then, there were a few female teachers sometimes males too who did so. I reckon this, the use of cosmetics is downright detrimental in this tender age. However, their way had to be made it learns is absurd. A myriad of times, celebrities have shared the very moment of their lives where they have to endure this intolerable circumstance.

Innumerable celebrities had to tear this vulnerable situation in their school days. In addition to this, it became an unforgettable reminiscence of anyone’s life.

Despite that, we meet some toxic friends or classmates who do back-biting, drastically. Ultimately, the teachers are the pillar of schools so, they have to stand a soothing ambiance for the students in the school plus, pay heed to their studies, not their personal lives.

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Written By Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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||• Ismad-ud-Doula •||• The “Incredible India” Series •||


In the series of ‘Incredible India’, we are gonna exemplify the mesmerizing beauty of the Ismad-ud-doula mausoleum which was constructed under the guidance of empress Nur Jahan (the wife of Jahangir) between 1922 to 1928. It is considered the draft of the Taj Mahal or sometimes, be called the baby Taj. She embraced the impulse of building Itmad-ud-doula from Gol Mandal Temple. It is located near Motibagh in Agra city in Uttar Pradesh. She built the grave in memory of his father Mirza Ghiyaz Beg. As; we considered the Taj Mahal, a symbol of unmatchable love. This could also be called the devotion of a daughter to his father.

This is hailed as a ‘Jewel box’ since its design is parallel to a jewelry box. The pure white and elaborately carved tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah conforms to the Islamic style of architecture. The use of arched entrances, octagonal-shaped towers or minarets, use of mesmerizingly carved floral patterns, intricate marble-screen work, and inlay work are all manifestations of the Islamic style. The absence of a dome and the presence of a closed kiosk on top of this building and the use of chhatris atop the four towers instead of proper domes are reflective of the influence of the Golmandal temple or the innumerable designs.

The marvelous precursor of the alluring monument ‘The Taj’ has massive idiosyncrasy from the bygone craftsmanship of the Mughals. Before this, Mughal architecture is assembled with red sandstone which is exceedingly rhapsodic however, the monotonous work of pietra dura is beyond it. The craftsmanship of pietra dura is time taking even though alleviates the soul. Ultimately, it is the utter piece of enchanting beauty or archaic glory of India.

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Written by Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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||• BIHARIS ARE ILLITERATE •|| (Break the stereotype)

Presented in Break the Stereotype Series (Topic 1)

Break the stereotype series (Blog-1)

How do you imagine a bihari in your mind? Casually, Bollywood’s portrayal of ‘Bihari’ is as a gutka chewed man who is an aggressive, a molester or a rapist. Movie like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur is example of it. Since, society consider them. Being Bihari has been a stereotype from several years. You belong to Bihar. It means you only would be an illiterate. You can’t speak English language. Plus, you can’t look beautiful, wear western clothes and many more stereotypes related to this. If you keep any of these qualities, then you are staggering people by these sophisticated qualities which a bihari can’t access. If you are a bihari then, you would feel it in some phase of your life, definitely.

Biharis are always demonstrated as goons, abusive, pervert and conservative in movies. So, commoners ponder that picturisation is reality. Nonetheless, Bihar had been a prominent culture rich capital of ancient era’s dynasties. Nalanda University has been an educational hub of India. In addition to this, it has endless brilliant mind. E.g. Aryabhatta (Inventor of zero), Chandragupta Maurya (the first emperor of ancient India), Chanakya (the first economist of India) etc. Though, it is known by too fewer people.

Bihari and Bhaiya used for the people who belong to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, respectively, word have become ‘slur’ in the society which is mostly used by the Mumbai’s localities. Bhayani words demonstrate the girl or women who belong to Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, it is mostly used to embarrass a girl or women concerning their appearance. Plus, ‘Bhayani’ illustrate a girl who has no fashion sense and all. It sounds humorous to others; however, it is too embarrassing for the people who relate to UP or Bihar. Moreover, Bihari’s character is always used for comic relief by illustrating their abusive dialogues or present illiterate personality.

Called Bihari or Bhaiya are periodically blot for their citizens. Some people use to consider UP and Bihar interchangeably. Nevertheless, they are thoroughly different states. People’s ideology regarding UP and Bihar is exceedingly quixotic.

In the year 2008, this detests presented a massive destruction towards the honor of biharis. Some maharastrians did stone pelting on Biharis who came for their livelihood. They strongly believe that people of up and bihar would take their place in works. And, it would be reason of their unemployment. They coerced to vamoose Biharis. This elaborate loathsome of some Maharashtrians in gigantic way. Some states want to avoid giving chance to other state’s citizens, plus they create the emotion of despise in their citizens towards other state citizens. This is disgusting to treat people like that.

Usually, citizens of UP and Bihar refer to one another as’ Bhaiya’. Thus, after this casualty, ‘Bhaiya’ word became a slur.

What’s the ground level reality?

You would ponder Bihari is devoid of talent, however, the explanation of Biharis in Bollywood is a bit wrong. Rather than talent or skill, Bihar is bereaved of chance. The condition of Bihar demonstrates the failure of Government, not of people. In every field, Biharis are proved their spontaneous talent. The gem of bihar shines everywhere in India as well as foreign countries. We can picture some gems of Bihar Pankaj Tripathi, late Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee, Shatrughan Sinha, Tabish Kher, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar are the names which erase the blot that Biharis are only perverts, illiterate and conservative.

Two imperative reasons of undeveloped Bihar are Division of Bihar and Freight Equalization Policy. Freight equalization policy benefits India. However, it degraded Bihar. The division of Bihar and Jharkhand was equally harmful for Bihar as freight equalization policy. Bihar has no source of income. Since, the citizens of Bihar have to move to another state for their bread and butter. No source of income and education has cast them into poverty. Moreover, the high crime rate of Bihar is also induced by poverty. Because of some criminals, people consider all Bihari criminal plus they contemplate that Biharis are abusive or optimistic.

All things considered, a glance of government can heal biharis from their deep wound. Bihar government has yet to do countless works to simplify the life of their citizens. Government should bring schemes for mending their condition. Nonetheless, people should not conventionalize anything. Grounded on caste, class, religion, race, nationality, community or anything, none has the privilege to marginalize any soul. This is on youngsters hands to not to put down any human. Thus, break the stereotype of ‘Biharis are illiterate’. Give them chance to attain esteem.

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Jotted down by Mansi Vishwakarma aka Poesyfairy

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Crispy Green Sauce Pasta Recipe

Do you want to relish the healthiest food? This is palatable as well as a myriad of nutrients. You will definitely love this pasta. Basically, people along with children don’t like to eat spinach, however this is the recipe where you would love spinach so much. Try this crispy recipe soon and comment how much you liked this.

There are the ingredients and recipe to make the delicious and healthiest pasta.

Required Ingredients for Green Sauce

Olive Oil
Red chili powder
Cheese slices

Step 1 –

Boil Spinach and then rest it for 2 mins. Grind the Spinach and make a paste of it.
Now, boil the pasta.

Step 2 –

In second step,

Take a pan and put 2 big spoons of oil (olive oil) in it, put the chopped garlic in it, add the spinach paste with red chili powder, and some cheese slices after mix it for 2-3 mins then put some salt in it and add the pasta which we have boiled and mix it properly. After two mins to 5 mins, pasta is ready.

Here is our green spinach pasta ready.

Green Spinach Pasta Recipe

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Bougainvillea Tea Recipe!

Bougainvillea Leaves!

Bougainvillea :

It is an outstanding climber ever seen by me. This blossom has a magnificent design and blooming style. These types of flowers are easy to grow. It boosts your health as well. People from numerous countries used it as treatment of nausea, cold, cough, sore throats etc. This flower easily grows in warm weather. Thousands of varieties spontaneously burgeoned in the whole world. You can grow it in anything and anywhere. This heart-shaped paper kind leaves are shown eye soothing as well as profitable for health. You can use it as remedy for some health issues. It is not poisonous, nevertheless beware of some affectable part of this shrub which can be caused trouble to your health.

You can’t imagine how useful this flower can be for you.
Do you know how to use it for avoiding cold, cough, sore throats, diabetes, diarrhea and nausea?
Prepare tea with bougainvillea leaves.

Not only that, but also you would get numerous beauty benefits. This pulchritudinous flower enchances your beauty as well. Get glowing skin with it is as easy as pie task. If you don’t know about it, then try this superb tea.

Bougainvillea tea recipe!

Recipe to prepare tea :

Step 1

Pluck the flower leaves from the shrub.
Wash it carefully. (It can remove all the dirt easily.)
Keep it aside after washing.


Step 2

Take a deep pan.
Boil 1 or 2 cups water in it.
After boiling, put the leaves into the boiled water.
Leave it for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Filter it in a cup. Pour 1/2 spoon lemon juice and honey. Mix it well.


Your tea is prepared.

You must see the colour of water, which has been a little pinkish or reddish. It looks charming and benefits you so much. Drink this remarkable tea with thousands of benefits.

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Hey Reader!

Don’t you in mood to relish Red Sauce Pasta? It is one of the scrumptious breakfast of Italy. This italian dish is an awesome flavour to change your taste buds and palate.

I got gusto during making this savoury food. I wish, you will also get enthusiasm while making moreover eating this. Some peoples have great appetite in cooking food and all. So, they can also try this to fulfill their desire and add some extra perks in their skills.


Learn how to make red sauce pasta :-

Red Sauce Pasta Recipe!

Step 1

  • Boil the pasta in a pan.
  • In another pan, boil tomatoes and chili. (chili for flavour)
  • Cut onion in addition to all the veggies you want to put in the pasta.

Step 2

  • Take an empty pan.
  • Cast pieces of an onion. Leave it until it gets reddish.
  • Put some veggies like capsicum or you want. (Try to cut in small pieces.
  • Now, put some spices and salt. (As per your taste.)

Step 3

  • Put tomato puree in the pan where already prepared onions and veggies are present.
  • Mix it all well.
  • Keep it in the gas for 3-5 mins in medium flame.
  • At, last put the pasta in it. Mix it all well.
  • Your red sauce will be ready in 2 to 3 mins.
Red Sauce Pasta Recipe!

Now, maybe, you all have learned how to make red sauce pasta in three elementary steps. This mouth watering seems tough to prepare nevertheless making this is easy as pie.

I hope, you all like this blog and it would be helpful for you.

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Ciao Italians,

Are you eagar to know how Indians make pasta in their style? Pasta is a whole Italian as well as delicious dish. Italians make this savoury dish in really different manner which you should relish once in your life, definietly. But today, we gonna know Indian Pasta Recipe.

Let’s see

How to make pasta in Indian style?

1. Caste the oil in the big pan. (oil as per your choice.)

2. Put the small cuts of an onion. (Leave it until it gets a little reddish.)

3. Then put the small pieces of a tomato in the pan. (Leave it for 2 mins.)

4. Now, put sweetcorn and add some spices and mix all the substance. (Put some salt according to taste.)

5. Add butter & cheese. (Mix it well.)

6. At last, put all the pasta in big pan.

Your savoury dish is ready to relish.🍽

Indian Pasta!

🛑 Do all the steps with keeping gas in low flame.

Italians would rolling on floor laughing to see how Indians make pasta. Share your opinion. Italian must try this recipe.

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