Ciao Italians,

Are you eagar to know how Indians make pasta in their style? Pasta is a whole Italian as well as delicious dish. Italians make this savoury dish in really different manner which you should relish once in your life, definietly. But today, we gonna know Indian Pasta Recipe.

Let’s see

How to make pasta in Indian style?

1. Caste the oil in the big pan. (oil as per your choice.)

2. Put the small cuts of an onion. (Leave it until it gets a little reddish.)

3. Then put the small pieces of a tomato in the pan. (Leave it for 2 mins.)

4. Now, put sweetcorn and add some spices and mix all the substance. (Put some salt according to taste.)

5. Add butter & cheese. (Mix it well.)

6. At last, put all the pasta in big pan.

Your savoury dish is ready to relish.🍽

Indian Pasta!

🛑 Do all the steps with keeping gas in low flame.

Italians would rolling on floor laughing to see how Indians make pasta. Share your opinion. Italian must try this recipe.

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How to make Oats..???

How to make Oatmeal (spicy)..???

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All you know that oats are delicious as well as nutritious. It’s also a grain like any other grains, wheat and gram. You should add oats in your food. You can make masala oats in various way. Not only the but you can make it sweet and spicy both. You can make it as your taste buds.

Oats have calcium, potassium, vitamin-B, fibers, minerals, calories and multiple vitamins etc. It is fruitful for skin as well as good for nervous system.

  • How to make oatmeal (spicy)?
  • Benefits of oatmeal?

Oatmeal has….

Half cup dry oatmeal has 150 calories, 3 grams of fat, 27 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fibers, 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of protein. If you want to weight gain then, you have to add some toppings. If you hope to weight loss, then you have to remove some things.

It helps to increase as well as decrease your weight. It can work on you as your necessity or how to you intend to use it.

Benefits of eating oats daily.?

√ Provides antioxidants
√ Lowers sugar level
√ Lowers chance of colon cancer
√ Make good bacteria for guts
√ Eases constipation
√ Feel like whole meal.

In this blog, I gave you the recipe of masala oats (salty or spicy).

How to make oats..?

Ingredients (15 grams) –

  1. 1 Pcs. Tomato
  2. 1 Pcs. Onion
  3. 1 inch Ginger
  4. Handful pea

Recipe (15 grams)

Step 1 –

Take a deep bowl. Keep gas in the mid-flame. Cast 2 tablespoons oil in it. Then, after the one-min, cast the chopped onion in it. And leave it until the chopped onion will get reddish. Now, put the chopped tomato and small pieces of ginger in it.

Step 2 –

Take another pan. Fill the water in it. And add pea in it and leave until pea gets delicate.

Step 3 –

Now, put the water in it. After the few minutes, add oats in it. I made masala oats. So, I didn’t add masala and salt in it. If you didn’t bring masala oats then, you can add masala and salt as well. If you have masala oats, then you don’t need to add it.

Step 4 –

In a few times, oats will be like this. Then, your masala oats are ready.

These are some tips to get benefit of oats. I will come next time with some relevant notions regarding oats.

I hope, you all would like this blog and this will be helpful for you.

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Black Tea & Lemon Tea Recipe…!

(Making of black tea.)

  • How to make tasty black tea?
  • How to make normal black tea?
  • How to make black tea & lemon tea for weight loss?
  • Benefits of black tea.?

When we Indians listens, “Tea”. It is a moment for us. When we get emotional who soothes us?, there’s a tea, when we get headache who soothes us? there’s a tea, when we get depressed who soothes us? there’s a tea. Behind all the reasons of tension, Tea is our solution. Tea is the permanent solution of our most of the problems.

Black tea is a commonly used in the every house of India. We, Indians, have been listening from childhood ‘Don’t drink tea because it darkens your complexion which is not real.’ But, there’s a lot of harm if we intake it in the huge amount. we are used to drinking it. Tea is the morning drink of ourselves.

Black Tea Blog.!


How to make this habitual tea for taste as well as to get health benefits.?

We have to avoid using two things in tea..

Sugar & Milk

Avoiding these things is a Black Tea..


How to make healthy & tasty black tea.?

1.. Tasty Black Tea :-

(For 1 Cup)

Take a deep pan. Pour 2 cups water in it. Give one minute to water for getting little warm. Now, cast the (one inch) ground ginger, 1 piece of clove, and 1 cardamom in it. Give two-three minutes to relax. Now, cast 1/2 tsp black tea in it. Leave for the 3- 5 minutes. And your black tea is ready. You can mix 1/2 small tablespoon honey in it for the taste.

2.. Normal Black Tea :-

(For 1 Cup)

As it is a name, this tea’s name is normal black tea. Take a deep pan. Pour 2 cups of water in it. Take a rest of 2 mins and leave it. Pour 1/2 tsp of black tea powder. After the one minutes, pour (1 inch) ground ginger in it. Leave it for 3 to 5 mins. Now, normal and easy black tea is ready.

3.. Black tea & lemon tea for weight loss :-

(For 1 Cup)

Take a deep pan. Pour 2 cups water in it. Leave it for 1 min. When the water will boil, pour (1 inch) ground ginger, mint leaves (4-5), one cloves in it. Wait for 3 mins. And cast 1/2 tsp black tea powder and leave it till it turns red cum black color. Now, strain it in the cup and mix 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice in it. It’s ready to drink.

Benefits of Black Tea –

  1. Aids in weight loss.
  2. Lowers cholesterol level.
  3. Lowers risk of diabetes.
  4. Lowers risk of ovarian cancer.
  5. Increases metabolism.
  6. Lowers the risk of kidney stones.
  7. Includes antioxidants and polyphenols. (which is good for hair health and skin.)
  8. Boosts immune system.
  9. Boosts energy.
  10. Detox the body.

Benefits of Lemon Tea –

  • Lowers osteoarthritis and chronic disease.
  • Decreases pimples and acne.

There are the top 10 benefits of Black Tea. It gives your taste buds taste as well as health. So, add this to your daily routine. And stay healthy with Black Tea.

I hope, you all find it useful.

– Mansi Vishwakarma


Today, I am planning to wear my fav black outfit in which i look proper stunning.
Ohhh! But,
Strawberry legs again!!!

Dear Reader,

This is common thing to have strawberry legs. We can avoid leg hair with shaving or by any method of clearing hair. However, how do you deal with strawberry legs? Can we do something with strawberry legs which destroys beauty of hairless legs? Everything has a solution. So, read this blog to get away from strawberry legs and say ‘hiii’ to beautiful legs.

Causes of strawberry legs :

  1. Not using shaving cream.
  2. Using harsh blade.
  3. Not using moisturizer after shaving.
  4. Don’t choose right method to shave.

Right method to avoid strawberry legs :-

  • Wash your legs gently.
  • Apply shaving cream or shampoo or conditioner on your legs.
  • Shave your legs with the smooth hand. Don’t do it harshly.
  • Wash your legs with normal water.
  • Now, apply sugar and lemon mixture in your legs.
  • Rub it gently for 5 minutes.
  • Then, wash your legs.

After using this technique, you can free from strawberry legs in few weeks. Strawberry legs prevent us from wearing short dresses.But, Now, we can get beautiful legs easily. And wear what you want.

Thanks for reading.

Roses Are Blood Red / Novoneel Chakraborty/ Thriller Novel

This is one of the best thriller novel of my list. I greatly enjoyed with the book. It is not the whole story of the novel. I am giving light to the small reference of the novel.

‘Vanav may have done things which were questionable but his intentions and love were beyond question.’

– Novoneel Chakraborty.

‘ I’ll gift you a love story that every girl desires, but few get to live.

– Novoneel Chakraborty.

Plot :

  1. Tosh , Himanchal Pradesh.
  2. New Delhi.
  3. Ajmer.

Characters :

These are the some important character of the novel ;

  1. Vanav Thakur – He is madly in love with Arisha.
  2. Mr. Pratap Thakur and Mrs. Thakur – Vanav’s Parents.
  3. Arisha Shergill – She is the most confusing part of the novel.
  4. Mr. Shergill and Mrs. Shergill – Arisha’s parents.
  5. Binny Bagga – Vanav thakur’s childhood friend.
  6. Anurag bagga – Binny’s husband.
  7. Sirat – Anurag and Binny’s daughter.
  8. Pragya – Arisha Shergill’s close friend.
  9. Soni – Another close friend of Arisha.
  10. Daksha – Secret of the novel.
  11. Samiha – Secret of the novel.
  12. Shubh – Secret of the novel.

Here is the story of Vanav who is madly in love with Arisha. And the best boyfriend ever. He calls her Ranisa.Vanav thought. ‘The more pain he felt, the more he could feel her within her.

‘One can choose to not visit a temple. But can one choose to stay away from God?

– Vanav said.

Hurt me as much as you want or you can, I won’t complain one bit. But never insult my love for you. I won’t able to take it because my love for you is my faith. And nobody should insult another’s faith.

– Vanav said.

These are the some beautiful quotations which give you a great heart anguish.

“Is love capable of healing the deep wounds which love itself creates within you? Mysteriously thrilling in its essence. Roses Are Blood Red is the haunting story of passion and eternal love.”

Did Novoneel Chakraborty leave us with the question marks?

  • Book Pages – 259
  • Publishing Year – Dec, 2019
  • Link for purchasing √


– Mansi Vishwakarma