Dear Reader,

We are stamped in our daily routine. Cause of it, we don’t have much time to care of our body. We all need an easy way to care our body. We can easily care our body by market products. However, market products are not always good for us. Homemade ideas are time taking and take more to show their result. So, we require an idea which not time taking and also show result faster. Easily, we want a glorious and soft body, both we all need.


Well, we must not forget about our body before our face. Beautiful body scores our personality. Make body scrub with me which not only beautified your body but also clean it, soften it, take out dirt as well as avoid strawberry skin problem.

How to make a perfect body scrub?

  1. Take a container and put coffee powder in it.
  2. Put a very few baby oil and sugar in it.
  3. Then, it is ready to use.

You guys can see how easy to make it. Coffee has countless benefits for our skin. It helps in body whitening, anti-aging, reduces dark circles, and it has numerous vitamin B which is so so so good for our skin. We are using baby oil for body softening and moisturizing. Sugar works as a scrub in this. We don’t need a lot of time to use it. We can easily scrub with it before bathing. It’s a really fantastic. All thing we added in it, is beneficial for our body.

Thanks for reading.

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