(Papaya Shake Making)

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(Making ‘Papaya Shake’ for ‘Pcod’ patients?)

How to make papaya shake.?

I am here to present you benefits about papaya shake. Papaya is highly rich in vitamins. It contains many vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, B, and, K. Papaya is good for your liver, digestion, weight loss, low cholesterol and as an immunity booster. It helps to cure the big issues like cancer. Papaya is loaded with the antioxidants. Approximately, 250 g papaya has 119 calories, 1.3 g protein, 30 g carbohydrate. Like all this, it has a lot of beauty benefits. It increases volume of your hair and cause of rich in antioxidants also increases your glow of face. Papaya is the highly recommended fruit for pcod patients. It helps the system to bring period naturally. It maintains the timing of your periods. We can’t count the profits of papaya.

But, everything which has advantages also has disadvantages.

Side effects :-

Everything which has countless benefits also have side effects. So, it also has some side effects like, eating so much papaya can harder to digest, and it produces ulcer, vomiting, unhealthy digestive system. As well, it can do laxative effects, diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea.

Who can’t eat it?

People with allergies :- person who has allergies with it shouldn’t eat it.
Pregnant lady :- It helps body to get period immediately. And it causes damage to baby.
Irregular heart beat :- People who have irregular heart beat. They cannot eat papaya.
People who have hypoglycemia problem.
People who have kidney stone.

Though, papaya is wonderful fruit to deal with your period and regulate it well. So, In the “how to deal with pcod? series” you will learn how to make papaya shake to maintain your periods.

How to make papaya shake?

There are given three methods to make Papaya Shake. You can choose according your need.

If you want to make one glass papaya shake?




Step :- 1 Take a half papaya. Wash it well to avoid all the dirt.
Step :- 2 Peel the papaya. (You can use papaya peel to massage your face.) It makes your skin glowing. And avoid facial hair.)
Step :- 3 Cut the papaya into small pieces.
Step :- 4 Put it into the grinder to get it in the liquid manner.
Step :- 5 Put some milk and sugar (according to taste) and turn on the grinder until it mix well.
Now, your papaya shake is ready for drinking. Enjoy with your papaya shake in winters.

Papaya Shake for Winters.



Step :- 1 Take a half papaya. Wash it off well for the better hygiene.
Step :- 2 Peel the papaya. Then cut it.
Step :- 3 Take a banana. Peel it. And cut it off.
Step :- 4 Then, put sliced banana and papaya in it.
Step :- 5 Put some ice-cubes (5 to 8), sugar (according to taste), 1/2 milk in it.
Step :- 6 Now, grind it for mixing it well.
Your summer healthy papaya shake is ready for drinking.



As I tell you before, papaya is the huge source for losing weight. You can take it as a shake to control your increasing weight and bring you in shape. So, how to make weight control shake of papaya :-
Step :- 1 Take a half of papaya. Wash it well before peeling.
Step :- 2 Peel it off. And cut it into small pieces.
Step :- 3 Add some pieces (3 to 4)of ginger, mint leaves (5 to 6).
Step :- 4 Add 2 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons yogurt.
Step :- 5 Squeeze 1/2 lemon in it. Then, grind it. Add some water for mixing it well and grind it again.

Now, it is ready to serve.

Here are some types to intake papaya shake according to your need. If you really like it, then comment your review about it. And if you are not in these list then you can also use this for uncountable profits. Remeber! papaya has countless benefits. It can make you ‘Glowup’ as well.

Thanks for reading.

Mansi Vishwakarma


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