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||• Women Or Goddesses? •|| Sexist Social Norms •||

Women or Goddesses

Modern women are lambasted for not ‘fit’ into the title of the so-called ‘perfect woman’ who is flawlessly managing household chores, husband, in-laws, children hereafter, job, concomitantly. In TV Indian Ads, she is manifested as a woman with several hands who can handle multiple works at a time. The avalanche of works does not produce distress in her nonetheless, provides her euphoria. This is no less than any irony.

Those women who have Godly features are applauded for it and considered the perfect ‘woman’ for a family. The Goddess Sita who went into exile with their husband, Savitri who fought with Yama for the sake of her husband’s life, Goddess Laxmi who life-long served her husband and so on in the row are reckoned the ideal women for copying and mirroring their extra-ordinary features in their self. The illustration of illustrious features aids them to obtain satisfactory social prestige. Society heralded them for their unnatural underlying immolation regardless hinder them. And, women acquiesce it. Moreover, the one who fails to achieve these illustrious features is deemed an unwomanly ‘woman’. The tendency of modern women differs from these ideal goddesses. Society overlooks that women are also human beings and not ‘Goddesses’ who can manage the household and work-life balance simultaneously. women are not meant to be sacrificial. It’s a quintessential time for society to thwart unnatural or regressive practices which are malicious to women. In addition to this, the multitude must prevent justifying the glorification of this disturbing impulse where common women are compared with the heavenly bodies. Following this culture is thoroughly fatuous behavior of sick people.

Likewise, some ignorant populace is spreading a picture where they were comparing the love of a mother who wore western clothes with whom who draped a traditional Saree. They are trying to showcase that solely women with traditional saree can be an abled mother. How can clothes decide the love of a mother? Motherhood is unmatchable affection that can not be measured in magnitude. This (sexist) social behavior should be ended.

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Written by thesmalltowngirl

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