(How make green tea.? & How to take it in proper way.?)

The more perception, the more destruction.

I’m here to clear your confusion about green tea. Everyone knows green tea is nutritious tea, nevertheless fear to use it because of some myths. Green tea makes your body healthy, beautiful and free from illness. Green tea has made with thousands of benefits. There are numerous myths about green tea like, green tea is not for skinny people. If you take it with proper way then, you must get benefits. It keeps you healthy as well as keep you beautiful.

Green tea which is plenty with thousands of quality can reduce belly fat, unwanted body fat, away from diseases, gives you freshness, makes your skin healthy, gets glow, manage weight etc.

It can also harmful for you if you take it in improper way. So, I provide proper guidance to intake it.

  • How to intake green tea.?
  • Best time to drink it.
  • Green tea contains what.?
  • Facts of Green tea.?
  • Myths of Green tea.?
  • We shouldn’t take green tea with what.?
  • Who shouldn’t intake it?
  • How to make it.?

How to intake green tea :-

You should take green tea anytime. But, it depends on your need. If you want to lose fat then, you should take it just after the 10 min of lunch. If you want to gain weight, then you should take it after the two hours of lunch. It can be increase the absorption of iron and metabolism.

About this, there are many myths and facts which I mentioned in the below :-

Best time to drink :-

  1. Before exercise
  2. Two hours before sleeping
  3. Two hours before or after lunch.

GreenTea has :-

Catechins, caffeine, amino-acid, vitamins, vitamin B2, vitamin C, folic acid, b-carotene, antioxidants etc which helps you to live healthy

Facts :-

  • Green tea can make you fit.
  • It is a healthy drink.
  • Furthermore, it is an afternoon drink.
  • It makes us beautiful.
  • Green tea decreases belly fat.
  • Green makes us energetic.
  • You should take only 2 cups of green-tea in a day.
  • Green tea is also beneficial for gaining weight.

Myths :-

  • Green tea should take early in the morning.
  • It is only for fat people.
  • Furthermore, it decreases your weight in a haste.
  • It is a bed tea.
  • We should drink green tea empty stomach.
  • Many cups of green tea makes you more healthy.

We shouldn’t take green tea with these items and who shouldn’t intake it :

Blood thinners medicine

High blood pressure patient
Anemia patient (they shouldn’t drink it along with the foods.)
Heart patient
Kidney damage people
Lever problem
Lungs problem

How to make green tea..?

Healthy as well as tasty green tea making methods as your need. If you wanna make tasty Green tea in a few minutes.


1.. Green tea for losing weight –

Take a deep pan. Pour 1 cup water in it. Keep the gas in low flame.When the water will boil then, you have to pour green tea bag in it. Dip it for 3-5 minutes. Wait until the water turns greenish. When the water will be green then, you have to cast half tablespoon honey for making green tea tasty. And pour 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice. Now, your green tea is ready.

2.. Normal Green Tea –

Take one cup water. Boil it in the low flame for 3-5 minutes. Pour tea in cup. Then, dip tea-bag and leave for 4-5 minutes. So, your healthy green tea is ready.


3.. Herbal Green Tea –

Take a deep bowl. Pour the water in it and boil it for 1 minute . Cast cinnamon (dalchini), ginger (adrak), mint (pudina), tulsi in the deep bowl. Boil it for 3 minutes and cast turmeric (haldi) in it. Boil it for 1 minutes and after the one minute, cast the tea-leaves. Wait 3 minutes and you are ready for consuming it.

In this blog, I told you all needed things about green tea. Add green tea in your daily routine. It would good for your health. All type of green-tea recipes are included in it. Make your green-tea. And make your body nutritious.

I hope this blog is useful for you.





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